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December 2022 Full Moon in Gemini Journal Prompt

Tomorrow's Cold Moon will happen in the air sign of Gemini, while feisty Mars is in retrograde. Things might feel a little testy for us all. Expect some anxiousness as things glitch during this passage. These journal prompts are designed to ease you through the next 7-10 days.

Journal #1: You might feel like doing **EVERYTHING** right now, but wait up, hold on a second. This might not be the most opportune time for big action. And especially, it's not the moment for major confrontation. Slow down a few paces and explore all your ideas, emotions, conflicts first on paper. Allow your journal to be the sounding board that shows you all sides of each situation before you move into action.

Journal #2: Gemini loves to talk and with the holiday season upon us, you may want to use this time to reach out and catch up with loved ones. We all have friends and family we need to seek after long absences. Make a list and decide who gets a text, a call, a card, a lunch or dinner date.

Journal #3: It's going to be a frustrating transit with the Full Moon this week and you might find that more than a few things are off track. Instead of fixating on the frustration, harness the power of Gemini once more. Sit with your journal and make a fantasy-list of places you may want to visit, near or far. Gemini rules travel, so this is the ideal way to dream.


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