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February 2023 Collective Love Reading - In a Partnership

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

In honor of Valentine's Day, I offer up romance-specific readings for those who are already in a partnership OR single and looking (that's in another post, click here!). Read on for a text version below or visit my YouTube channel to watch me deliver this reading personally. Wishing those who celebrate a very festive Valentine's/Galentine's Day!

Please remember, this is a general collective reading and may not resonate with you. For a personalized reading, reach out to me via email ( or book directly here.

Partnership Reading:

Current Situation:

Ten of Pentacles and Aquamarine Crystal

What a fantastic way to start a love reading! Traditionally, this a great card for money and business, but when applied to a love reading, the Ten of Pentacles remains a herald of good tidings. It means you start the month with a relationship on solid ground. Things are stable and happy in your connection.

It can also speak to your overall home life as well. Once again, the Ten of Pentacles translates as a material foundation being rock solid. You feel grounded and life is harmonious. This card indicates that your love partnership is secure for the long haul and you have settled in with a person who not only makes you happy, but is reliable and devoted.

If you aren't already seriously committed to each other, (such as co-habitation or engaged/married) the Ten of Pentacles hints this level of relationship might happen soon.

The Aquamarine crystal is not only the birthstone of just-around-the-corner March, but it represents happiness and hope for the future. It speaks directly to the heart chakra, offering both healing and protection, and has been used to improve clarity of vision. It also resonates with the throat chakra, bringing in honesty and connection.

The Aquamarine brings acceptance on a soul level, dissolving judgement between partners. In Feng sShui, it is tied to the Yin energy of the moon, which asks us to relax, allow and receive. This stone speaks to a long, joyful future for you and your beloved, in a connection full of openness, softness, and kindness.


The Hermit (#9) inverted and The Queen of Wands inverted,

with Tiger's Eye Crystal

It looks like the challenges in your relationship have to do with each of your mental spaces, and how they make you see the world. The inverted Hermit speaks about too much isolation. Perhaps even overthinking and fears born of time alone or not speaking your thoughts/feelings aloud. The Hermit shows us the benefits of solitude and reflection, however, when you are nurturing a partnership, it must be balanced against time together and needs of the other person.

Now is the time to come back to your beloved and reopen your heart and mind spaces. It can also speak to rigidity in your day-to-day. Remember, partnerships take cooperation and the other party needs to feel seen and appreciated. If you have been so busy-busy-busy with life that you are neglecting your person, come back now. They are ready and waiting.

The Queen of Wands also came out inverted. This powerful lady (though there is no gender attached, I am referring to the drawing itself), may speak to burn out, overwhelm, and trouble with everyday life. Are you "bringing home" your work too much - literally or emotionally? Or asking more than you are willing to give? The Queen illuminates these inequities and asks for them to be resolved.

In the inverted position, this card can be about a pessimistic outlook. She may be pointing out that you've overcommitted yourself in many areas of life, and it's time to remember the foundation on which you have built everything (ahem, that's your home and relationship!). Our Queen wants you to resolve the chaos and head for calmer water.

At her lowest point, the Queen of Wands can also warn us about jealousy, spite, and lying. Let's just NOT, okay? This never feeds a relationship. In the choice between easy and right, do the thing with integrity for your partnership.

Tiger's Eye Crystal

This stone is about facing fears, resolving overly complex situations with fairness, and embracing your power. Tiger's Eye makes sense with these cards in the Challenge position. The reading is explaining to you exactly how to go forward.

You need to get ahold of your own toxic traits (we all have 'em), and be bold. Action is the domain of this stone. It brings you the energy and vitality to transform the situation and overcome setbacks. You CAN DO THIS and the Tiger's Eye crystal has appeared to let you know that the challenges in your relationship are fixable.

Outcome Considerations:

The Lovers (#6) and Six of Cups, with Amethyst Crystal

Well, this is a glorious outcome! The Lovers shows up, reminding you that you and your partner are perfectly matched in your romance. Sigh... who doesn't want to see this in their love reading!?

Despite any challenges, you are with your person. There will be harmony, attraction, passion this month for the two of you. This card can also mean you have made the right choice, either for your partnership or for yourself in an overall life path.

The Lovers can also foretell kindred spirits coming together, or rekindling of deep connection in your current relationship. Basically, this card speaks of a GREAT romance!

The Six of Cups tells me you're not only simmering with love, but it feels so aligned! There may be some nostalgia about the early days of your partnership, or reflections on the past, especially if you have children. You may wish for simpler days when you first met your beloved, or even long for a place you two once lived or travelled together. This card is about your shared past.

The Amethyst is a crystal of peace, calm, and insight. To the mix of passion and nostalgia, it promises you will be serene and fears/insecurities will be managed successfully. There is trust and grace with the Amethyst, and your relationship will be clear, leaving you open to safe and loving connection.

Some crystal healers believe this stone can eliminate negative energy as well. Perhaps its message is that the challenges in your relationship will dissolve as you approach with loving kindness.

Oracle Card:

The Sensualist (#35)

It's the ideal outcome card for a holiday about love! Romance and passion are your focus as we go into/through the month of February. It's time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, as well as your beloved. The Sensualist invites you to ignite your body, mind, and soul with the joys of your lover/companion.

Keywords: affection, pleasure, seduction, spontaneity

For those of you single and looking, there's a reading for you, too. Click through here to read more.

Tarot Deck: Tarot De Marseilles, vintage circa 1970

Oracle Deck: Oracle of the Roses by Cheralyn Darcey

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