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Forever a Goth Girl

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The black eyeliner and black stockings, clad in black. It's me. Forever. And I'm good with it.

Join me to talk about the evolution and revival of the Goth Girl archetype in recent times with journalist Leslie Gray Streeter and playwright/Actor Lynne Childress on their podcast, Fine Beats and Cheeses. It's show #13... ahem, well played, ladies.

This fascinating archetype in the feminine has fierce representation in pop culture, especially lately with the stylish new Wednesday Addams reboot, and real life fabulous Goth Girls, like Willow Smith.

Recently I got to trace the regal gothic queen back to her shadowy roots. We started at the swooning Victorian beginning, coming forward into the bold, brilliant, unapologetic Goth Girls of today. More importantly, we explored WHY, in a world askew, the Goth Girl is experiencing an huge uptick in women of ALL ages, not just the teen crowd. Yes in fashion, but also and more relevantly, in world view/outlook.

Though the below photo by Kirsten Weaver is far from my "most goth look," I promise you, black lace dresses, and dark poetry aplenty are forever part of who I am, and who I have always been. Mr. Poe's collected poems are literally on my bedside table. (Why isn't there a raven emoji?)

I am always a Goth Girl at heart. Forever.

Check out the podcast today.

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