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Holiday Simmer Pot

Several folks have asked me how I make holiday simmer pots. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, simmer pots are rustic air fresheners created by adding fruit, herbs, and spices to water over low heat. It's also a great way to add moisture to the air during dry winters.

My #1 piece of advice: don't overthink it. And #2: use what you have.

The simmer pot in my kitchen contains orange, lemon, apple, rosemary, cranberries, cinnamon, juniper berries, allspice, jasmine flowers, cloves, and cardamom.

You can use that recipe in any form you like. Frozen fruit works. Dried fruit works. If you don't have whole spices, use powdered spices wrapped in a coffee filter. Or get mulling spices that are pre-mixed. Or use chai teabags. All of that will work out just fine. Even if you only add apples and oranges, or cinnamon and lemon, it's going to be a win.

The key is to select aromatic fruits and spices. Keep it over low heat and your home will fill with heavenly non-artificial fragrance. It's safe for your pets, too, unlike some candles and sprays. Happy simmering!

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