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Join me by the Wicked Campfire

You're going to love listening to Phyllis MacKenzie, host of the Wicked Campfire podcast. Not only does she have boundless energy, she asks amazing questions and will push through to pursue all her fascinations with EVERY corner of the paranormal world.

I've had the pleasure of being on TWO episodes with her this summer. First, we talked about Tea Leaf Reading and Smoke Scrying on episode 10. Listen on Spotify or Apple.

Then, we met up again and talked about the life of a ghost tour guide, and all things spirits/entities/ghosts and souls. This one was even better than the first ~ perhaps we're getting more and more well acquainted. Again on Spotify and Apple. And that's good news, because we plan to chat again!

Stay tuned for more podcasts with Phyllis by the Wicked Campfire...

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