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May Collective Tea Reading

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Expect BIG THINGS ~ this month is going to be memorable for all the change and excitement that's just ahead.

This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out. If you prefer listening/watching to reading you can experience this entire reading on my YouTube channel! Showing up immediately under the handle is a huge whale. You're bringing a lot of power, hope, kindness, and compassion forward in the month of May. This is a very strong symbol about being in touch with your feelings. You've finally made peace with who you are, what you want, and you're bringing enough energy and power to go after it all.

Throughout the emotional side of the cup and a little bit on the material side, the number two has shown up quite a bit. In fact, the number two shows up 8 times. As you're going into May, look for opportunities for partnership. I suspect this might be a romantic partnership. If you're looking for new love, May will be a fantastic month to pursue romance. Immediately under the whale, is a heart, a rose, and a triangle. Triangles are about new opportunities. Love shows up as a heart and the rose is always symbolic of love. Many of you are going to be ready for a romantic encounter of some kind. If you are a single and looking, this might be a fantastic month to find a new partner; if you are already involved, I suspect things between you and your partner are going to steam up and be extra romantic this month.

The collective cup for May is quite interesting cup. The first thing we meet is a big happy face, and it tells me that May is going to go really well. You're going to have a lot of success and even though we're still in a Mercury retrograde, I don't think it's going to affect you all that much. The second person we encounter on the Emotional Side looks a lot like the Bride of Frankenstein. When I looked at this symbol at first, I thought "maybe Marge Simpson?" But it didn't look like Marge Simpson. This really reminded me of the Bride of Frankenstein. In your emotional world and in your heart, you're truly looking for your divine counterpart. The person who is exactly who you need in your life right now. They could be a partner, friend, child, or business partnership that you're seeking, but you're really seeking that person. With this symbol showing up, I think that person's also looking for you!

Immediately following is a person standing on a triangle waving "Hello", as if to say "What you seek, seeks you back." You're definitely going to find each other this month!

Moving along we meet a faucet with a fish and the letter J. The faucet is all about emotions you are holding in. this faucet isn't running and just above it there is a little bit of blockage in the cup. It tells me that you are kind of holding your emotions back a little bit. You aren't completely sure that you trust the situation that you're sure things are going to go right for you. Perhaps in the past things of not always going right for you and you just don't have all the faith in the world that it's going to work out underneath.

The fish underneath tells me good luck is coming. It's a lucky sign. and in fact, you have one on the material side as well. I think you should have faith; have faith in this person; have faith in your destiny. Things are looking up! The J might resonate for you as a person, place, thing, or event.

Halfway back the cup is one of the coolest things! An angel, hair flowing, wings aloft, is flying towards you on the back of a griffin which is a fantastic creature, a lion with wings. If you were looking for power, if you were looking for divine support, this is it. If you're waiting for a sign, this is it. A car is driving towards you, headlights on, making fast time. So much is coming your way in the month of May. New opportunities, new people, new partnerships.

Towards the back, a serpent wrapped around the initial M. It's a snake, meaning that somebody or some situation having to do with the letter M is going to change. Snakes are about the shedding of skin to move towards something new. So if the initial M is important for you person, place thing or event, keep this in mind. I don't think anybody sees this change coming. In fact, I don't believe anybody thought the change was possible but here it is. It arrives in May.

Just underneath there's a turtle. Someone or something you gave up on but had an emotional attachment to is still coming. The pace is slow. The pace is steady, but it's still on the way to you. By the time you get to the end of May, this thing/person you wished for and almost gave up on -- it's going to show up

At the back ledge of the cup, in the position of future beyond May, there is a person perched on the number three. If you give all of this about 3 months to manifest, it's going to feel like you're living in a an entirely different life. When fall gets here you won't be waiting on the change anymore. You'll be living in a different life!

The last grouping here - a person who's sort of slouched over and sad, sitting on an ax. This is a reminder you need to let go of the things you no longer need or that no longer serve you. Yes, it can be sad. Yes, it can make other people sad, but the reality is that you're definitely going to have to let go of some things to make room for the new.

The Material Side of the cup for May is just as exciting as the Emotional Side. We start off with the whale touching against a really big triangle; sitting on top of the triangle is another nested bird. Triangles in the cup are new opportunities. New things coming. It means that that new material situation you want, be it a job, education, house, it's coming. May is the month expect big things.

It's going to be incredibly lucky and you're absolutely going to love how the material month unfolds. There's another 2; partnership may play a role. Underneath that, a fish which isn't just about, good luck. It's about money, prosperity and abundance showing up at your door. This fish is sitting with an adorable dog, meaning the people around you in your material world (at your job. at your school, and your neighborhood or community), they're going to be good, loyal people and this is going to go great.

Yet in the cup there's confusion and doubt. You show up sitting among a bunch of scatter, on a cliff, not quite wanting to make the jump. A pair of sunglasses tells me that you're not sure you see the whole situation clearly and you really want to make sure that you're making the right choices. There's also a big "?" as if you are just not sure that it could be this good. You're just not sure if after all this time wanting what you thought you wanted, that tt's actually what you want, but when you do decide when you actually make this choice, it's going to be fantastic. At the back of the Material Side, there's a goat coming out of a barn. You finally decide to stop being stubborn, stretch your legs, and move forward into a new pasture. Underneath of that two gates are swinging open. There's another huge happy face, and a vulture. The vulture shows up with the message that it's time to let go of the past; to clean up and move into the future.

I think this is a great future for you. By the way, beyond May, what's coming along is going to be like fireworks because that's the symbol that showed up and the bottom of the cup! Woo-hoo!

If this wasn't really your cup, and you'd like a personal tea leaf reading, please reach out. Thanks for stopping by!

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