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Sept 2022 Full Moon in Pisces with Mercury Retrograde Journal Prompts

Journal 1 - Free writing! With the Full Moon in Pisces, it's going to feel natural to daydream and wander into your creativity. Don't fight the energy, just let it flow. Free writing means putting pen to page and going with it. No worries on spelling, sentences, just write anything that comes into your mind!

Journal 2 - How can you show compassion? Consider ways you have successfully offered compassion to the world. Then think about more you can offer, even if the gesture seems small. Sometimes, small acts of kindness add up to big positive shifts.

Journal 3 - Yup, it's time once more for Mercury Retrograde. The villain of the zodiac returns! But maybe consider ways you can work with this energy. Mercury rules communication, electronics, commerce and travel. Use your journal to consider each of these and how you could shore up and do better. Instead of blaming Mercury when you aren't prepared or let your boundaries fall.


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