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Be Yourself, With or Without Feathers ~ September 2022 Collective Reading

Be Yourself, With or Without Feathers!

Welcome to the Collective reading for September 2022. This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for intuitive guidance, please reach out.

You’re moving along nicely, almost parading yourself about, Darkling. You show up as a huge peacock which takes up a considerable portion of the cup! I congratulate you on raising your sense of self. Well done. But let’s be honest, you’re blocking folks from getting too close with this flamboyant show. Yes, things are better. It’s nice to let others share in your wins.

Below the peacock’s face, a lone bat flutters. This spirit guide is still here, helping clear pain from your past. Moving into the Emotional Sector, your ample tail feathers are shielding several symbols. A standing horse indicates you may have slowed forward motion in a relationship. Two goats suggest stubbornness from you or others.

There’s a literal empty hanger not too far from an upside down house… are you feeling some unrest in your home life? Don’t worry, this edgy vibe will soon be complete. A thick circle at the base of the peacock tells me you are closing a cycle for good and at that end… a person sits reading a book. Are you contemplative? Wondering what’s next? It’s all possible!

The second half of the month, you’re less prone to showiness and step back into equilibrium. The Eye of Horus pops in to let you know you are protected and all is well in this phase of your emotional healing. Please feel free to be yourself, with or without feathers!

For some, a new love opportunity appears as two dolphins touch noses and back fins in the shape of heart, under a heart! A sweet connection, but don’t rush it. There’s a surfer falling from his waves (water is emotion) and a frowning face up next. Take your time. What’s meant to last always goes the distance.

At the back, a wary doe looks out from a pine forest that sits before a sharp mountain range. You still aren’t sure about others’ intentions and feel guarded. Have hope though; a spinning top and moon changing phases suggests you are gradually learning to trust again. If there’s meaning for you, a series of “I O S ?” appears in the back of the cup, too.

Moving into the Material side, we open with a person and 3 fish pulling themselves from a blockage towards the peacock. You coming out of a challenging time and have had to pull yourself onward with sheer will. Congrats again; you’ve got this, keep going! In 3-D in the tea, a human heart. Take care of your physical self in this struggle. You only get one body!

Past some scatter a wise owl peers into the mid-month, assuring you that your decisions are going to be the right ones. A long caterpillar offers more change and a frog is leaping up with good financial news. There’s a large female form with a person in her hair. Could she be someone you are tangled up with? A dominant professional or domestic energy?

Towards the future, a lightning bolt with a person trying to tame it. You attempt to gain power and traction, but hold tight, it’s still a moment away. A pine tree tells of learning yet to come and a mask suggests you could/should take a moment to celebrate before month’s end.

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