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Winter Solstice: Be Bold + Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The longest night of the year is upon us, Dec. 21, 2022 (12-21-22). And I'm here to support you. Welcome to your Winter Solstice reading. Sending very warm wishes to you and yours for the Yuletide and any/all holidays you celebrate in the winter.

For the FIRST TIME EVER you can watch one of my readings on YouTube!

Or, scroll down for the text version.

Let's dive in, like a kid at a snowdrift. For this reading, I pulled 3 oracle cards, clarified with tarot pulls, and randomly scattered crystals.

The Present Situation opens with the Chills card, number 5 in the deck. For some folks, this might be literal. After all, weather forecasters are predicting the coldest holiday on record in some parts of the world (ahem like the mid-Atlantic, where I am). You may need to seek actual warmth and safety. But not for everyone. The Chills card is a nudge from your intuition, letting you know that just ahead, there's a sharp curve in the road. Now is the time to keep your eyes wide open and prepare for all eventualities. Are you playing attention to red flags? Heads up--this is not a Christmas parade--those red flags are a warning from your guides to be smart with each and every choice you make.

The Six of Swords drives this home. This card confirms that despite the bustling holiday season, you are being called to move forward with your life path. You may need to be willing to leave something behind, including your limiting beliefs or old ways of being. There may be a moment when you need the courage to cut away the extra baggage of the past few years. Carrying old gunk will only slow you down. Trust your intuition; it's coming from your guides. They want to support you through the transition of Winter Solstice. After tomorrow, the days will grow longer again; it's the perfect time for a new start.

The crystal for the Present Situation is Honey Calcite. This beautiful stone echos the cards. It calls on you to use your power, to take responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your own life. As you embrace the Honey Calcite, you come to understand: you already have the power and ability inside you. If you are wishing for more, all you have to do is set a path to action.

The next grouping advises on How You Need to Handle This shift that comes with the Winter Solstice.

Perseverance, number 26, is your oracle guide for how to move forward. Stay in your power. Like they say in the song, "Don't stop believing, hold onto the feeeeling." But about yourself, your dreams, your abilities. Moving through the holidays and into the bleak of January may bring moments of loneliness and even isolation. Keep to your principles and stand tall. Use quiet time to coil up with a journal, watch uplifting videos, or dream of a new plan for your work/education/hopes. Always remember, your guides and ancestors are with you, even if you think no one can hear those calls you send into the dark. Keep talking; they want to send back the messages you seek. Everyone must endure the struggle of the caterpillar if they hope to turn into a butterfly...

The clarifying tarot card is Ten of Swords. Many folks cringe when they see this card, but please, give it a chance. As a card describing your needed actions, it changes character a bit. This card invites you to cut cords and leave the past behind, in both literal and figurative ways. Almost ruthlessly weed out that which no longer serves you. Toss it in the recycle bin and push onward. The only warning I see here: don't try to do everything at once. This card can also represent fatigue and overdoing it. Winter Solstice is a traditional time of rest and recuperation, so if you're tired (or sick), slow down and get that sleep and healing you so badly need and deserve.

The guides sent Bloodstone as your crystal of action. It means that when the path becomes difficult and you feel like you are trudging alone, uphill, in the snow, you should hold the energy of this beauty close. Bloodstone speaks directly to the blood and resonates with the first chakra, holding you grounded to the Earth. It is a stone that sings with purpose and persistence. Once more, the cards and stone echo each other. Bloodstone is your ally in the storm, and wants to see you manifest your dreams.

What You Have to Look Forward to is quite a lovely, luscious grouping, and worth working towards! My goodness...

It all begins with The Star oracle card, number 36. It invites you to follow your bliss. You already know, you already have the answers, even if you don't trust yourself to look within. This card wants you to follow the stars (maybe you should get a 2023 astrology reading?!), and to believe that you will know the right moves to make, and the absolute perfect moment in the coming months. Your shining soul glows like a star, leading you via your feelings. Learn to listen to those nudges; your intuition will not mislead you the way the ego will. This also means that if something feels off, then it's simply not for you. Trust yourself!

Two tarot cards wanted to be part of this grouping, they came out together. And they're both more good news! The Nine of Coins and The Lovers. Let's explore them.

The Lovers, major arcana 6, can be directly about a romantic involvement coming your way or changing for the better. However, it has other meanings that may resonate more within this reading's framework. The older meaning of this card was that you may be faced with a choice. The fork in the road could test your moral fiber and force you to get really honest with yourself about what you want for your life. It's a good thing, even if the choice seems difficult. Always be authentic with yourself, even if it means not rushing into something or even letting go of someone or something that's not really serving your highest good. Ultimately, The Lovers can be about loving yourself enough to make a balanced decision.

The Nine of Coins (aka Pentacles) is a card to celebrate. It means the success is just down the pathway. Usually material success! This is card of financial independence and promises the reward of hard work. Ahem. You do have to do the work. This is not the card of "watch Netflix and a windfall of money will blow in your door." However, this card carries the message that if you do the work, you WILL get the riches, whatever that means in your situation. Keep on keeping on!

Yet another stone of bravery, Carnelian, is the crystal for the set. Ancient Romans carried this beauty when facing battle or other challenges, so deep was the belief it could shore up courage. Could one of these crystals help you to face your fears? They speak with the first chakra fluently, like Bloodstone, and help with grounding. Practitioners say Carnelian pumps up motivation, inspires fresh ideas, and eliminates apathy. As the sun starts to make its way back into our skies, perhaps the energy of the Carnelian will move you towards action and big growth!

I have a small metal sign by my desk that reads "Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid." I keep thinking of it as I work on this reading. It's the message. There are holes and monsters on the journey. It's going to be that way forever. BUT keeping going. Keep believing. You've got this. And mighty forces will bring a gentle wind to your back, moving you ever closer to joyful success.

Deck credits:

The Golden Art Nouveau Mini Tarot by Giulia Federica Massaglia

Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle by Lorraine Anderson and Juliet Diaz; illustrated by Giada Rose

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