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Your Words Matter: August Collective Tea Leaf Reading

August is shaping up to be an amazing month with 9 special opportunities in your personal and professional/education life. Please remember, this is a general reading and may not resonate for all individuals. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

If you prefer listening/watching to reading, you can experience this entire reading on my YouTube channel!

Welcome to the collective reading for the month of August 2023. August brings us two full moons: one on August 1st and another on August 30th. These moons appear in the teacup!

Right now:

Under the handle, which represents you in your current state, the letter 'v' starts to take shape. V can have a personal meaning for you, or it can mean victory. I usually take it to mean a victory is coming for you, and because this v has not quite fully formed yet, it's still a little bit cloudy and has some scatter around it, I feel there's a little bit you could do to boost your confidence. To make yourself believe that you actually deserve this victory, whether it's personal or professional.

Immediately underneath, there's a squirrel and a scorpion talking, but these aren't animals you would find together very often in nature. In a teacup, squirrels are about saving your resources. This is you. You're trying to figure out ways to save money and resources, but the scorpion makes an interesting partner. It could literally be a Scorpio person if that resonates for you, but if that's not the case, entertain the possibility that something might come along to sort of sabotage your saving efforts. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes things come along that are really good and take our resources, attention, or money away from our savings. I don't think it is going to be a bad thing. There's a herald with a trumpet, announcing you to the world as a great success.

The final symbol underneath the handle is a cat. A cat is about home, meaning where you live, where you feel comfortable. The symbol looks stable and grounded; whatever it is you are going through in regards to your home, it's resolving in August and you feel solid.

Emotional World:

Getting into the emotional side of the cup, a lot is happening. The first thing we see is a wave cresting and not a surfer, but a person working at their desk, riding the peak. There's also a small fish. Let's break that down. A wave is about your emotions and the things churning inside of you. A lot of this might have to do with the emotions you're placing on your professional or education life. There could be anxiety associated with this because the wave is really big. At the beginning of August things are going to come to a head with whatever you are experiencing these emotions about.

I think it's going to go really well. Moving down, there are two flowers blooming and they're blooming on top of a large formation. Peeking out from behind that formation is a dog with the letter v. Again, the letter v! The dog is going to have a role in your success. In this case, the dog is about a loyal friend, a close companion, someone who is really reliable. They're going to help bring this victory for you. If it resonates for you, perhaps this individual will have the initial v for their first or last name. Doesn't have to be that way, though. It can just be about victory overcoming anxiety. The worry you've been clutching and holding in your gut is finally releasing. At the top, the fish swimming away tells me that after a long time, you're going to be able to enjoy your work or learning a bit more.

Next, we meet a crab, a bottom feeder. This is someone coming into your life who maybe is not the most awesome person? Be on the lookout for someone who's not loyal , someone who's really only about themselves, and they are coming to see what they can get from you. Use your discernment when dealing with individuals in your life. Really trust your intuition and if you think someone is showing up like a bottom feeder, just simply say no.

Under that, a large heart is starting to form, but it has a big lock on it. I suspect you've been hurt a lot. You've had more than one bottom feeder try to take advantage of your kindness, compassion, and good nature. I sympathize, I truly do. We've all been there. The thing is with this big lock on your heart ~ good people aren't going to be able to find you, either. I want to offer this: if you trust yourself and you trust your feelings, there's almost always some kind of heads up or red flag about people. You know almost every time if someone is good, or if they're just not good for you.

The next combination we meet is unusual. There's a large tooth and a person hugging it. A tooth is a symbol of your ability to take care of yourself, to nourish yourself. It could also simply mean that you need to consider going to a dentist or checking out your oral health. Let's go back to that first meaning. It is simply your ability to care for yourself. And you are finally embracing that and being great with it. You're saying, "Yes, I'm ready to put myself first. I am finally good with this and I am ready to take care of me."

This victory is a long time coming. The next symbol is a person with a lantern, carrying a heavy pack, and coming out of the dark. This is you. You've been through a lot of darkness. You have done a lot of inner digging. Or perhaps you've been through loss, grief, or sadness. Either way, it's ending. You're coming through it this month.

On the other side of that darkness are two people sitting under an awning, talking. There's a lot of exchange between people in this cup. As you go into August, remember partnerships and conversation are going to be important. When you have the opportunity to talk to people, to mull through issues and work things out, or even just to collaborate happily, take it. There are a lot of messages of interaction leading to growth and success. This is the first of many situations like this in the cup.

Underneath that, we meet the first of nine triangles in this cup. Nine triangles! Triangles are opportunities. The first two of those opportunities, they aren't going to be obvious. Some of these opportunities are enormous and you'd have to be literally hiding under a rock to miss them. But these two are going to come quietly in the midst of perhaps something else happening so be on the lookout. I don't want you to miss these two opportunities because on the other side of them is a heart. I think that these are two situations are people that you're going to really love and that are going to bring a lot to your life sitting just with all of those symbols to people on a bench talking. It's a sweet interaction and I really love this for you. I really think that these first opportunities coming along, it's going to be about interaction. It's going to be about conversation, putting yourself out there and making yourself open to what is possible.

We're a little more than halfway back the emotional side of the cup and we have a nesting heron with the moon and a bat. I know; it feels a little bit like Halloween and you're like "What's up with the moon and the bat, Rissa?" Stay with me!

Let's go with the moon first. August is special because there are two full moons. We have a full moon on August 1 and the second full moon of the month on August 30th, is a Blue moon. I want to encourage you to take this whole Moon cycle, from the first through the 30th, to really reflect on what you need to rest. It could be your body, your concerns, or anything else that needs some down time.

This heron, a powerful and magnificent bird, is resting. The heron is a fantastic symbol, but it's not active. It is reminding you that sometimes a moment to step back and reflect and rest when needed is critical. The bat on the other side of the moon is coming to take away the things you've decided to let go of. Bats are a wonderful symbol in a cup. It means that you're finally releasing that which no longer serves you. So around this first full moon, August 1. take a moment to reflect. Really dive into your soul. If deep self-reflection isn't for you, maybe you can look around your home and decide there's some stuff you no longer need.

As we move towards the back of the emotional side of the cup, it gets very busy with small symbols. Your thoughts and emotions might get scattered towards the end of the month. My advice: when you need that moment to breathe , take it. Don't let your thoughts fall apart on you ~ there's so much good stuff coming in. I don't want you to miss it!

In the small symbols, the first thing we meet is a heart that's half made up by a ? as if you're just not sure about someone or something that you love. If this is the case, take a break and really reflect. Let the situation unfold for you. The number 11 is next to this symbol and 11 is always a lucky number in the numerology world. Your concerns could be unfounded but that said, I don't know each of your individual situations. Step back. Take a breath, look again. The ? from that grouping is attached to an adult person who is pointing and explaining, almost like a parent and child. Perhaps an older or younger sibling? Cousins? It's a situation where you are talking to someone younger. If this is about a child, a younger sibling, a cousin, someone you babysit for, I encourage you to just be honest with them and hopefully, they will be honest with you in return.

The next group of symbols is someone reaching out for a duck but also holding another ? You're trying to embrace the quality of yourself that is duck-like. Ducks are the sign of capability. They are the sign that you can absolutely handle it and can take of way more than you realize. However, you are questioning that about yourself. You're simply not sure that you can take on the things you need to do in your personal life. This symbol is here to tell you that there's no need to question that you, indeed, are capable and you can do the things that make your heart sing.

What lies ahead?

There's a lot of tea on the outside of the back column of this cup. It tells me that everything you're doing is divinely guided. You might feel a little bit alone. You might feel like things aren't super well organized as you go into August. Keep going. Trust your gut. You're heading in the right direction. I know this because immediately underneath the tea stuck to the outside of the cup, are two huge triangles. These are big, solid, real triangles and underneath them are two more smaller triangles. I absolutely love this!

There's so much good stuff on the way. There's a saying "What you're looking for is looking for you too." I feel like that resonates so deeply with this month's reading.

Just next to those triangles is the number 3. Numerology sees this as a number of creative problems solving and optimism heading towards the future. So once again, that definitely resonates with all of these triangles.

underneath the triangles and the 3, there are two people interacting. The interaction is very positive and next to yet another heart. I could read this literally as "talk to more people you love," but I think also you're going to find yourself in a lot of exchanges that just make your heart so happy. Remember: what you're looking for is looking for you too.

Your Material World:

We get the biggest symbols in this reading on the material side. Starting at the handle, there's a llama head poking out of a series of 3 absolutely enormous triangles. There's that 3 again! These are big opportunities. While there are going to definitely be some new developments in your emotional world, these 3 triangles have to do with your home, your work, your education, your stuff, your car, whatever it is that makes up your material world.

I'm leaning towards these having to do with work or education. A lot of this success is going to do with words. There's somebody sitting on top of the third triangle at a typewriter. Whether or not you're a writer or an editor or a poet, everybody uses words nowadays. Think about what opportunity could come to you through communications. Maybe this is going to be an important email. Maybe this is a manuscript or a play that you wrote or something creative project close to your heart, like a grant. Or perhaps it's nothing like that at all. Perhaps it's the LinkedIn page or the resume that you wrote in August. Really put emphasis on the words that you write coming from your heart and being absolutely authentic; it's going to matter.

Let's get back to that llama. Llamas are about spiritual protection. This llama shows up peeking out from behind the 3 triangles. Remember to protect yourself, spiritually, soulfully, to be true to who you are, and everything will go great.

Underneath the llama, a duck is starting to take form. It's not completely there yet. It's about half-manifested. This is you again. You are beginning to embrace your own abilities. You're finally seeing yourself for all that you're worth and all you can do. I'm really excited for you. It's about darn time!

Next to this is a wishbone; you've been wishing to believe in yourself. You've been wishing for the self-confidence to move to the next level. Here is your opportunity. You can level up. Underneath all of that, it's a kangaroo holding a sword. This guy is ready to go into battle. Kangaroos are symbolically about taking action, about not sitting and resting, but literally going forward and putting energy into the things that you want. It couldn't be louder. It's showing up with a sword. You are going to have to stand up for yourself and fight a little bit for your dreams. Taking action towards the things you want is a critical step to actually achieving them. I mean, it would be amazing if we could just sit on the sofa and have all of our dreams come true. I don't know anybody that it's ever worked that way for. I advise you to make a plan. This is the moment, at the beginning of August, to thoughtfully collect your dreams. Thoughtfully make a list of to do's. You are going to take the right action. You are going to have the right hunches. You're definitely going to know what to do to make these dreams come true.

It's interesting that the first of the 3 triangles has a fleur-de-lis. Another uncommon symbol in the teacup world, it's about royalty and leadership. This very first opportunity is going to be a big one, but it is going to require leadership from you. Remember that kangaroo with a sword? You're going to have to stand up for yourself. You're going to have to tell everybody how awesome you are. Be okay with taking the opportunity to remind everybody that you're fantastic at what you do; you are valuable member of the team; and they are lucky to have you.

There's a beautiful, big heart showing up just past these triangles and inside of it, the inverse face of a sleeping cat. You will be peaceful and all of this excitement and change is going to cause you to feel stability; it's going to cause you to feel happiness. Attached to the heart with the cat in it, is another triangle! I didn't include it in the original 9 because it's not quite all the way formed yet. It's a situation starting to take shape. I suspect this is going to be about your home or living situation, or something to do with a car or furniture. Something like that. The very next symbol overlaying it: fireworks. Fireworks! This is a great sign that something wonderful is coming along in your home life.

Just underneath is our second full moon, August 30th. The blue Moon. Around this time, as the month draws to a close, look for good things to start happening. Go ahead. Take solace at home. Allow yourself the time to catch your breath after your whirlwind month and all the new things cropping up.

Beyond August:

At the bottom of the cup there's a hard line drawn between scatter, which is confusion and a square, which is stability. This month you're going to draw a hard line in your mind, in your life, in your work between lack of direction, and the stability that you really want. Good on you! The only other symbol showing up in the bottom of the cup is a martini glass. To celebrate your wins. You're actually ready to step forward and say "I did this and I deserve a moment to relish in my accomplishments." I'm excited for August to unfold for you!

Legal Disclaimer:

No form of divination, including tea leaf reading or tasseography, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, guidance counselor, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this website are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals. Any action you take upon reading this is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tarot reader, tasseographer, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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