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It's rare to find Rissa without tea. No matter where she is or what she's doing, a mug of green tea is her constant companion.​ Tea is one part of her love of plants. 

She holds a deep reverence for plants and the answers they offer, whether as tasseographs in a teacup, smoke in the air, a healing salve for the skin, a houseplant on the windowsill, or nourishment for the body. 

In addition to adoring tea and herbs, her love of plants is made complete by the fact she is a vegan of 27 years. She's also a published author and poetess, and has had several plays produced in the mid-Atlantic area. Discover more about Rissa's writing or see when you can catch her doing a reading here.

Find her leading ghost tours or giving history talks at her job with Maryland History Tours, or learn about her work as a food editor at Vegan Journal. In her career, she’s worked for five publications and studied writing at New York University/

Tisch School of the Arts and photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. Rissa currently studies clinical herbalism (online) at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and Herbal Academy, concurrently.


Recently, she began hosting the online series, Sweet Nightmares, by Dark Parlour Productions. It's a series that combines spooky stories, history and education - with personality. Check out the first story!

 If you don't find her foraging, wandering a garden, or hiking with her hound companion, Rissa often takes spontaneous road trips, loves cooking and baking, and enjoys dance performances. Her sun sign is Pisces; moon sign is Capricorn; rising sign is Scorpio; and Rissa was born in the year of the Wood Rabbit.

Want more from Rissa? Check out her blog posts.

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Photo by Kirsten Weaver

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