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All of my herb bundles for smoke cleansing (see why I don't say smudging) are hand assembled with intention and creativity. Each comes with its own story printed on a card.


Smoke cleansing is a way to clear the air/space around a person, place, thing or just invite new, fresh energy.

Learn how to smoke cleanse

your space!

Free PDF lesson here!

Want to know more about smoke cleansing? Read about the history and the science behind the tradition on the blog. Not sure you can do it? If you're in the mid-Atlantic area, we can cleanse your home or professional space for you.

Please also visit the IRL brick and mortar shops carrying Tea & Smoke herb bundles! We support small business!


Online Shop Coming Soon

Disclaimers...  Burn herb bundles and incense with safety in mind always!!

     Herb bundles are NOT intended to consume! Herbal tisanes and blends for drinking are available from your local grocer or farmer’s market, as well as online. 

    Smoke cleansing is not advised for those sensitive to smoke; with delicate lungs/throat; or a lung/throat health condition such as asthma. Avoid over-exposure to any kind of smoke at all times. If plants were treated with pesticides/herbicides (such as those from a florist) do not burn indoors, ever! All of my herbs/flowers are grown without any chemicals. 

      If you have a known allergy/sensitivity to any specific plant, do not use an herb bundle that contains it. Please note that mugwort is in the same botanical family as ragweed.

     Herb bundles cannot replace advice or treatment from a medical doctor/nurse, psychologist/therapist/coach, financial adviser, lawyer, or any other professional. Herb bundles are for entertainment/recreational use only and not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise heal emotional, physical, or mental maladies. The meanings of the plants are from folklore and legend, not affiliated in any way with the documented botanical science/medical uses for herbs. . Use them as it feels best to you.

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