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Welcome to tasseography. It’s like tea and empathy. Sit down, relax, wrap your hands around the warm cup. Within those swirling leaves, insight will unfold, and I’m excited to read your messages. My interpretation of the cup will reveal symbols from the tea leaves. You will have a map to increase your awareness, and open you to a deeper connection with your authentic self. 

The word tasseography literally breaks down to mean “cup writing.” Also known as tasseomancy or tassology, it’s the divination art of interpreting symbols and pictures formed by loose tea. 

The truth is no one knows exactly how old this practice might be. Drinking tea dates back to many centuries BC. Some historians believe tea leaf reading originated in China, India, or the Middle East. We do know it arrived in Europe via the Silk Road. The Silk Road trade routes criss-crossed between East and West from 2 BC through the 18th century.



As a diviner, I’m self taught. Decades ago in high school, my mom bought me my first loose tea and strainer as a Christmas gift. When the strainer opened during steeping, tea leaves floated everywhere. I drank it anyway and when I saw the shapes in the cup created by my tea, I recognized distinct pictures. But my “training” to look for patterns predates even this incident.


Growing up, my dad and I used to play “scribble art.” Basically, we would each close our eyes and scribble all over a page. Then we traded scribbles and used colored pencils to find shapes in the mess and make art from it.


It’s my experience that tasseography is a very personal divination art.  My approach is unique to my way of seeing, and my meanings for various shapes and symbols are my own. If you come to a reading, you can expect me to intuitively read both the solid shapes and blank space, interpreting each seeker’s cup individually. 

Prices for Remote Readings:

Main Symbols Only: $50.00,  includes drawing and PDF

Full Cup: $125, includes drawing and PDF

Year Ahead (for birthdays, milestones, New Year):

$225, includes drawing, PDF, and 60-minute phone

call to clarify questions

Tea Parties and Private Groups: If you want a group reading in-person, reach out at

**Only available when safe for all guests per public health situation (current Covid regulations observed for everyone's


Disclaimer:  No form of divination, including tasseography, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, life coach, financial advisor, lawyer, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. If you a consulting a tea cup but really require other services, be aware that no divination method can offer what you truly need. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, or financial advice. 

Is tasseography a way to tell the future? When I read a cup, I see a deep reflection of who you are and the moment of your life you exist in now. A lot of very personal things can come up, sometimes you will be called to tend to challenges you’d rather avoid. It’s not unusual for seekers to react emotionally to the symbols and messages in their cup. Tasseography can offer nudges, but is not a 100% “fortune telling” method. You and those around you have free will at all times. Your decisions can rapidly make changes to your future outcomes. 

How does a remote reading work?  Remote readings allow you to experience my tasseographs from anywhere in the world. Though located in the mid-Atlantic area near Baltimore, I have done readings for seekers in Europe, Asia, and all over North America remotely. With remote readings, you will have to drink your tea at home from a teacup, turn the cup and send me specific photos.  You will send me photos and I will send back your drawing, as well as a write-up about the cup.


 Follow  the video below to learn more about how to get a remote tea leaf reading:

How do I get an in-person reading? At the moment, I only hold a residency for in-person readings at The Dark Parlour in York, PA. Sadly, all the other locations throughout Maryland I used to read at are no longer in business due to Covid.  I am seeking new locations for reading residencies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Email me if you have a business that would be a match!


Please check the event page for other in-person opportunities. During an in-person session, you will drink a cup of  loose tea. When you have finished almost the entire cup, I’ll show you how to turn it to create images. At this point, the seeker - you - will give me the cup and I will draw a picture of the story in your leaves. When I complete the drawing, I will offer you my interpretation of the symbols in your cup. You will keep the drawing as a record of the tasseograph.