Capnomancy is a form of smoke divination. 

Smoke from a candle is captured on paper and interpreted as a story of symbols, just like in a tea cup reading.  I turn the page four times, reading the beginning, middle, and end of a situation.

Smoke divination takes many forms, including reading actual patterns of smoke in the air, such as from a campfire, candle, or incense, as well as reading symbols in ash after the fire burns down. Though rare and esoteric in modern times, using smoke for divination dates back to ancient  Babylon, where it is thought that on holy days, cedar branches or shavings were burned to draw omens from the smoke. Druids were also very skilled in the art of capnomancy, using the smoke generated by the burnings on a sacrificial altar. Capnomancy is another form of randomized divination. I was taught this rare form of divination by psychic medium, Julie Gray.

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