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Rissa Miller




Add mystery and delight to your blog, podcast, publication, or show when you interview Rissa!


Booking:                              Instagram @Teaandsmoke_byrissa

The Search for Clarity...

You might not believe it, but if you’ve ever flipped a coin, you’ve participated in the art of divination, which is a fancy way of saying, “Seeing into the future through supernatural means.


If you’re keen to explore, let Rissa guide you and your audience. She’s one-of-a-kind seer who brings a sense of warmth, mystery and even humor to her tasseography (tea leaf readings) and capnomancy (smoke readings). You may never have seen either outside of an old movie, but Rissa brings these ancient practices to modern audiences with a blend of mystical talent, experience, and historical study. You may find it's exactly your cup of tea.


Ultimately, she wants to help her clients embrace more fulfillment. Rissa aims to open a dialog intent on healing stuck energies, not by telling people what to do, but helping seekers see the answers with her guidance, as they relate to their own lives.

Rissa comes to divination from an expertise as varied and diverse as tea leaves on a cup. Her knowledge of esoteric history and art history, as well as a long background in journalism, gives her a unique non-mystical perspective.  She sees how her craft has a place in humanity's culture and understands that life must be grounded in everyday practicality. 

Available for audio,  live (online/in-person), print, and video.

References available.


Divination Program Offerings:

Introduction to  Tea Leaf Reading (Tasseography)

Introduction to Smoke Reading (Capnomancy)

History of Divination

Interpreting & Utilizing Symbols in Everyday Life

Using the Tarot to Shift Your Life Path

Seasonal/History Offerings:

History of Superstitions

History of Maryland Witches

History of Pennsylvania Witches

Maryland's Cryptids

Pennsylvania's Cryptids

A Compassionate Re-Examination of Ghosts

About the Evil Eye...

The 13 Un-Merry Monsters of Christmas

More topics:

Vegan & Plant-Based Living

Smoke Cleansing with Herbs Beyond White Sage

Writing Poetry for Non-Poets

DIY Incense Class


About Rissa

Rissa’s journey to becoming one of the most unique diviners working today began in childhood. Finding and interpreting symbols in art fascinated her. And her curiosity developed not only into a natural gift of discernment, but a warm, genuine mission to use her talents for others.


No one else working in the divination space in the world offers Rissa's vision in randomized divination combined with her artistic talent. Each seeker in tea or smoke gets an original piece of art from their reading to help reveal the patterns in chaos.


She was educated at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and Western Kentucky University. Always a storyteller, she has worked at five publications (she's currently the Senior Editor of a national magazine) and has combined spiritual, artistic, and cultural exploration into her work as a professional dancer, poetess, playwright, commercial photographer, and historic tour guide. She regularly presents talks online and in-person in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Rissa offers compassionate support to her clients, leaving seekers more confident and ready to find opportunities in the creative spaces of their world. She’s not out to spook or scare you – she wants to help you interpret and deal with the results of the leaves and the smoke.


In this age of uncertainty, we all yearn for answers and a clear path. Rissa's knowledge of the esoteric helps cast light into the shadows.

You've seen Rissa here...

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