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Want to feature Rissa on your blog, podcast, show, or in print? Please reach out! As a former journalist, Rissa loves working with writers, producers, and other creatives. She is available for articles, blogs, lives, podcasts, or video interviews. Email her at or you can check out her one sheet here.

Have you seen the latest?

August 2023: Coach Carla is sensitive and thoughtful, and our conversation reached into the heart as we discussed the concept of dark and light. Watch on YouTube or listen here on Spotify, Apple,  or Amazon.

August 2023
: I was sitting at the Wicked Campfire again with Phyllis MacKenzie. This time, we did a deep dive into tarot reading. Listen on Amazon or Spotify.

August 2023: Dynamic and savvy Brandon White had me on his EDGE podcast, episode #473. A great talk that touched on divination, psychology, business and more. Listen here.

August 2023: A very in-depth interview with Logan and Nicole from Gen X Paranormal about the true history of witches in Europe and North America. Listen on Spotify or watch on YouTube.

July 2023: During my second podcast with Phyllis MacKenzie of Wicked Campfire, we talked ghosts, spirits, and being a paranormal tour guide. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

July 2023: Stop by Roadside podcast to hear a spooky tale of lost love and ghosts with me, and mother-daughter co-hosts, Janica and Abigail. On this show, I tell the story of the haunted Accomac Inn in Pennsylvania on episode 33. On Audible, Apple,  and Podbay.

July 2023: In the first in a series of appearances on Wicked Campfire, a podcast by Phyllis MacKenzie, and on this one, we talk tea leaf reading and smoke scrying. Listen on Spotify  or Apple.

July 2023: Learn more about sustainable living, plant-based eating and plants with me on the Consciously Carly podcast.
Listen here.

July 2023: Meet the Elite FM did a quick interview with me about intuitive tea leaf reading. 

June 2023: Jen from Witchy City Tarot talked with me on an Instagram Live about tea leaf reading. Catch the replay on YouTube here.

June 2023: Brother and sister podcasters, Eric and Michelle, co-host We Believe, Do You? and I was featured in a two-part intervi
ew, #127 and #128. Listen here. Also on Apple, Spotify, and Google.

June 2023: It was tea for two with Alexa and Sydney on the Soul Connection Duo podcast.  Listen on Apple, Spotify or Amazon!

May 2023, Catch me on replay from the live with Felicia Miller Johnson from Awe Intuitive Conversations, on YouTube and LinkedIn. A cool, novel concept where Felicia does readings for professionals during a LinkedIn live!

May 2023, I talked with Yolanda from Reiki Radio by The Energetic Alchemist. Listen here or watch on YouTube.

May 2023, Join me with Jon and Julie from The Horn and Cauldron podcast to talk symbols, smoke reading, history and more! Listen here or watch on YouTube.

April 2023, Yes, I was BACK on the Dark Mark Show! This time talking magic, manifestation and tarot with Dark Mark, Nicole Sixx, AND Sal Santoro, owner of The Crooked Path in Burbank, CA. Listen here or watch on You Tube.

April 2023, Talking divination on Breathe, Love and Magic podcast with Ronnie Ann Ryan, author and coach. Listen here or on Apple, Google, or Spotify.

April 2023, Five Fantastic Cities in Maryland on World Vegan Travel podcast. Watch it on YouTube or listen on any major podcast catcher.

March 2023, Livestream with the Tribe of Greyhorn Pagans, hosted by Stjin Fawkes. Watch it on YouTube. Twisting and turning convo about tea, spirit boards, intuition, and more!

March 2023, Mick and the Psychic host Rissa on their vodcast/podcast to talk tea. All kinds of tea. Listen here and watch on YouTube.

February 2023, Rissa was a guest on the Closer to Venus podcast with John Burke, talking spirit guides, divination, and past lives. Listen Here.

February 2023, "The Goth Girl" with journalist Leslie Gray Streeter and playwright Lynne Childress on Fine Beats and Cheeses podcast. A history of the Goth Girl archetype and why she's more relevant than ever. Listen here.

January 2023, Rissa talks with Christopher and Heather about owning your female identity on the epic Virgin Beauty Bitch podcast.
 Listen here.

December 2022, Rissa joins Jeff Krisman on ONEConsciousness podcast for a talk about healing, intuition, overcoming loss and more. Listen here.

December 2022, Rissa returns to The Dark Mark Show for a spooky Christmas, complete with a visit from Santa. Listen here or watch on YouTube.

December 2022, Rissa joins Debra, Jeremy, and Scott from Global Strangeness to discuss winter cryptids. Watch on YouTube.

December 2022, Rissa featured on the Krampusnacht night with Paranormal is the New Normal podcast. Listen here or watch on YouTube.

December 2022, Rissa interviewed by Julia Marie, host on Evolving Humans Podcast. Listen here.

November 2022, Rissa interviewed on The Dark Mark Podcast from Los Angeles. Listen here and watch video here.

October 2022, Rissa quoted in "Why is York so Fond of Halloween?" and "What Might be Lurking: A Field Guide to the Cryptids of Central PA," both by Angel Albring in York Daily Record/Gannett newspaper.

August 2022, Rissa featured on The Poisoner's Apothecary blog on Patheos,"Smoke Divination: The Art of  Capnomancy" by Coby Michael 

March 2022, Rissa featured on "Naijha Speaks" on UnChained TV making plant-based, vegan curry rolls with host Naijha Wright-Brown

February 2022, Rissa featured on "Macro Magic" on Roku RVN-TV making plant-based, vegan pizza with host Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

December 2021, Rissa featured on Ghoul Disclosure podcast, "Christmas Creepies" 

July 2021, Rissa featured in Holistic Fashionista magazine (print and online) "Finding Clarity in the Bottom of the Teacup"

May 2021, "Foraging with Rissa Miller" (video spotlight)
by Animal Advocates of South Central PA/John Beck videographer

March 2021, Rissa featured on The Poisoner's Apothecary blog on Patheos "Tasseography by Rissa" by Coby Michael 

September 2020, Rissa featured in Cunning Folk magazine (online) "Divine Intervention: Tasseomancy" by Maria Blyth

December 2019, Rissa interviewed on WYPR, Baltimore's NPR station about the History of Witchcraft in Maryland.

December 2019, Rissa's Creepy Little Christmas program with Maryland History Tours featured in Baltimore Sun

October 2019, Rissa featured on Howard County (MD) Library Systems Podcast, HiJinx and Horror episode
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