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Join Rissa for an event!


Rissa would love to present to your group! She offers online learning, as well as in-person events with a range of topics include herbs, plant-based foods, divination, dark & esoteric history, and more.


See this month's offerings.

Custom programs and fundraisers are available and Rissa travels to destinations on the East Coast and beyond.

To discuss your ideas, email Rissa.



References Available. 



Ghost Tour Photo by Blue Luna


Topics for Events

Available online or in-person

  • Esoteric History ~

    • History of Superstitions 

    • History of Maryland Witches

    • History of Pennsylvania Witches

    • Dolls in Magic

    • Maryland's Cryptids

    • Pennsylvania's Cryptids

    • A Compassionate Re-Examination of Ghosts 

    • About the Evil Eye... 

    • LEGENDS ~ Series ~ The Werewolf, The Vampire, The Fortune Teller, The Unicorn, more coming...

    • The 13 Un-Merry Monsters of Christmas

  • Divination ~

    • Introduction to  Tea Leaf Reading (Tasseography)

    • Introduction to Smoke Reading (Capnomancy)

    • How to Develop Your Intuition (in-person only)

    • History of Divination 

    • Interpreting & Utilizing Symbols in Everyday Life 

    • Using the Tarot to Shift Your Life Path 

  • Literary ~

    • Writing Poetry for Non-Poets 

    • Dark Poetry 

    • Developing Your Storyline for a Novel of Short Story

  • Plants ~ plant classes are in-person only

    • DIY Incense making 

    • DIY Smoke Bundles. 

    • Blending Herbal Teas from the Garden 

    • How to Energetically Clear a Space 

    • Vegan Eating & Plant-Based Living

    • Foraging Basics 

    • Flower Essences

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