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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I hadn't painted in years. Decades, really, so when I decided to return to this former love, I felt... nervous. But soon, I was deep in the forest path once more, in a place I remembered as home from another time. I was even more thrilled when they were accepted into the Green Witch show at The Dark Parlour, as well. In less than a week, two are sold and will go into their own new loving homes at the end of this month.

These three canvases are a glimpse into three states of being, of humanity, through the lens of the same swath of forest path. I selected a forest path since it always feels like home to me. As I envisioned the crunch of the Earth underfoot and the way of being in the woods, each scene was represented in its fullness: Death, Rest, Rebirth ~

1) "Release" 8x10 on canvas - Mixed Media of Acrylic with incense ash, sage, camomile and calendula with mica pigment (shimmer). Location is imaginary.

This painting was created to reflect the vibrational energy of the autumn, when the world appears to "die." As the leaves drop, nature lets go. And in life, so must we. The intention is to infuse the paint with the healing energy of dried herbs ~ the clearing power of sage, the ash of protective sandalwood, the soothing calm of camomile, and calendula's deep healing. As nature finds her release, she is cleansed for rest. She is ready to go within. These herbs were selected for this in this phase of life, to find solace as you gaze into the changing leaves.

2) Dark of Night, 8x10 on canvas (SOLD) - Mixed Media of Acrylic with incense ash, rose, lavender, camomile, mica pigment (shimmer). Location is imaginary. When Earth rests, to our human eyes all seems dark and bleak, as if the Mother has entered a dark dreamscape. But always, the cycle goes one. To grow and thrive, we must rest. In this space, we enter the dream realm to wander the shadows and clouds, and discover answers, miracles, and even terrors. All of this is normal and part of nature's path. This paint was blended with rose to offer love, lavender to offer peace, ash from jasmine incense for insight, and camomile, to bring in soothing calm for those who gaze upon it.

3) Awakening, 8x10 on canvas (SOLD) - Mixed Media of Acrylic with incense ash, bay leaves, rose, mica pigment (shimmer). Location is imaginary.

The beginning comes after the end, always. Nature is reborn and with her first exhale, the world explodes into luscious color, bold once more. Each bit of old growth is regenerated into the new, each leaf and twig returning to the home from which it came, nourishing the rebirth. As nature moves, so do we. At the end, we start once more, finding new paths, places, adventures. For those in this phase of life, this painting offers support as protective ash from sandalwood, bay leaves for manifesting new dreams, and roses for kindness and love.

If you'd like to see these in person, you can check them out until April 30 at The Dark Parlour's Gallery.

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