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June 2024 Collective Tea Reading

Updated: Jun 30

June starts summer with a bang and once more, relationships are in the spotlight. In fact, if you are on the lookout for a new love interest, this month looks better than ANY other so far this year. If you would enjoy more friends and interaction in your life, the aspects favor social activities. But wait ~ some of you may say you're too tired. That's fine and you should rest, but remember... all opportunities have a shelf life. So don't wait too long. Enjoy the beginning of your summer!

Remember, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need support of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor, to a professional in medicine, therapy, or finances, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the assistance you need.

My first impression of the cup this month is that things are going to feel really fast during June, and even though it looks initially like the emotional side of the cup has a lot of open space, you're going to be focused on relationships this month. There's a lot of possibility unfolding in the cup. Let's check it out ~

Right now:

Under the handle shows you as you are in the world currently. The very first things I see are two figures interacting and talking. It almost makes the shape of a heart. If you were already in some kind of a partnership or love relationship, it could be that. It's the thing in the front of your mind right now. And for better or worse, you feel like this relationship brings stability into your life. Sitting right next to that is a small house representing your home, your house, your stability. The things that are going on right now in your life are making you think about this primary relationship. It could definitely be a partnership, but it could also be a family relationship.

Moving downward, there's a 2 with an upside down "?" on it. This partnership has led to some questions. There could be things you're trying to figure out, perhaps some challenges or disagreements. I advise you to really take it slow, communicate clearly. There could be pieces of your past showing up again: self-doubt lingering, or old stuff that you really haven't solved yet and it's effecting how you see your partnerships.

There is also, interestingly, a third party shooting an arrow up towards the initial pair. It makes me wonder if a within a certain partnership in your life and this may be a personal or business relationship. There could be some third party, another person who is interfering where you don't need them. You know, this also looks like it could be a Cupid. Maybe if you are looking for a new relationship, especially a romantic partnership, Cupid's arrow will strike in June. There's more about that coming up.

Let's go back for a second. The last symbol underneath that large foundational rectangle is absolutely a dinosaur next to another 2. When you're thinking about any partnerships, one of the things that you could do during the month of June, is to take a moment and really figure out what you have learned from your past relationships. Maybe the valuable lesson is that you have learned what you don't want. If you have learned what you don't want in a colleague, a boss, a friend, a partner, that is a great place to begin. Start there and move forward knowing that there are other people, just like you, looking for someone just as fantastic as you to work with, collaborate with, etc.

Emotional World:

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup, which rules the people in your life, and your feelings, the defining element of this cup is -- you do have space in your life. You can allow new people to join you. This this doesn't have to be a new romantic partner. This could in fact be a new friend, a new neighbor, a new pet. There is a space for you to add more love into your world, however, that looks for you.

The first shapes showing up within this large blockage (that almost wraps the entire cup) are waves. You're definitely going to be in the feels the first part of June. You're going to be closer to your emotions and examining your emotions. You're going to be taking yourself a little bit more seriously. In fact, there is a feeling of hesitation. You are kind of holding back on new people coming into your life, because you feel like you're too busy, or you already have enough people in your world. Or maybe you just don't like being around most people. All of that said, there's hesitation. There's crashing emotion, and then the very next symbol showing up are two people talking.

This doesn't feel like a negative exchange. This feels very sweet. This feels very much like getting to know someone that you absolutely can't wait to get to know better. There's a heart floating right above it, so however this makes sense for you, whether you are looking for a new romantic partner or a new friend, it feels like a positive exchange. I think when you decide to give someone a try, whether you're looking for a romance or friendship, or you just decide to ask a new neighbor if they want to get coffee, it's going to go well.

It's important to know that hidden within this really dense blockage, there's a huge triangle. I was so excited to see it there! Often within blockages, there's just density, like heaviness. That's not the case here. We've got a lot of excitement around this new opportunity that's showing up in your life. And like I said, if you are already happily attached, it doesn't have to be a new romantic partner. Just because it's someone that you're going to love, doesn't mean is a lover. It can be a friend, cat, dog, new neighbor, or the person who's sitting at the desk next to you at work. All of these things are on the table and whoever it is, they're going to be a great match. Give them a shot, give them a try!!

Underneath the big triangle, there's a hammer. All relationships require some work, so remember that as you go forward, you do have to put the effort in if you hope to get something out of it.

Just above all that there's a triangle with a human form slumped against it. It's someone who's really tired, and they aren't sure about going forward with any new opportunities, because they're rung out from life/people/circumstance. I feel you, I do. We've all been there. We've all had moments where we think,"You know, I see this opportunity and it looks really good. But I just really want to go home and go to bed at 7:00." And you know what, if that's where you are, go ahead and do that. Give yourself some grace. But realize that all opportunities come with with a shelf life. So don't let the past and things that weighed you down before get in the way of what's in front of you. The very next symbol is a person trying to hold on to something that's literally slipping through their fingers. It is a reminder to just go get it. If there's something wonderful being offered, don't hesitate to take it. This gift is for you.

So, what is lurking in the shadows? What is lurking in all of this blockage that we see in this cup? Well there's a big ole bulls skull and next to it, a house. Unless you are literally a Taurus person (and you are getting stuck in your taurus personality stubbornness - which I mean with the greatest love - I love Tauruses), this sign may be a reminder not to get stuck in old patterns. You may think, "this is the way things should always be." And I'll say -- Absolutely not! You can change. Circumstance can change. People can change. I'm not saying this is an excuse to allow past toxic people into your life. It's the exact opposite of that. Think instead about the past as a call to how you can move forward, better.

Above the bull, another triangle is forming, and just past that yet another triangle is forming. There are so many good relationship situations and opportunities coming at you in June. I feel like you would have to literally hide in the cave to miss them all. As we get to the back of the cup, the last symbol showing up is a stag. This last opportunity coming in is yet another super good one. This stag is brave and bold, and this person, whoever they may be, is likely showing up in a masculine identity. They're going to be a good, stellar human being with a lot of integrity. If that is the kind of person you want in your life, go get it. It's here for you!

What lies ahead?

At the back of the cup is the column representing the future you're moving towards. Really very little is showing up here in terms of specifics. You're expecting to be busy, and I think that you are going to be busy.

One of two symbols in the column is a person working at a desk, and I get the feeling they are working late into the night to get things done. It might be that you want to clear your schedule for the people you love, and you're burning the midnight oil to make it happen. Next there's a face. It immediately reminded me of a jack o'lantern, which I love because I'm all Halloween, all the time. But specifically as a general symbol it tells me that you are willing to go through it all to shine brightly in the dark. Good on you!

Your Material World:

Moving around to the material side of the cup. This is about your job, education, home, car, and any other things that make up your material life.

The same blockage we saw on the other side of the cup continues on this side, but the only true break in it happens here. Let's take a closer look. When I was telling you about the column under the handle, I said there were two creatures that were kind of in a heart. What is interesting is that one of them is attached to a blockage that is on the material side. So perhaps one person is bogged down with work. This block is big, it's dense. It actually had thickness. It came almost a centimeter out from the side of the cup.

I anticipate that whether you are involved in work or education, and even if you're like."Rissa, school's out over the summer," it doesn't matter. You're going to be really, really busy with something in the physical world. In the beginning of June, it's going to feel quite weighty. This could be to do with your house, your job, your car. Something is going to keep you tied up the first week or two of June. As you're going through this, it might feel like it's taking you away from all of these amazing relationship opportunities, including potential romance . Have faith and go through it!

Underneath is a person at a desk and their hard work is leading to more opportunities. No matter how awesome your relationships are, you still need that roof over your head, so you do need this other opportunity to come along as well.

There is a turtle at the back of this. It does feel a little bit slow, like the time you're spending at work, or working on your home or whatever else is going on, just crawls by because you really have other things you want to devote your attention to. Again, just press through. You need to do what you need to do.

Two Moon phases are showing up, creating time markers on the side of the cup for you. First, right around June 11th, marking the end of the blockage, we have the waxing crescent. I like to call this the Cheshire cat phase. So when you look up in the sky around June 11th, realize that the really driven time where you're devoting all of your attention to your work is over. You're going to have a little break. The next Moon phase showing up is the waning crescent, and that's going to happen around the very beginning of July. So look for it on July 1st or 2nd. The waning crescent marks the end of the time when you get to take it easy. Things are going to pick up again in the beginning of July. So when that break happens, take advantage of the space.

A new chance for stability is showing up here. It's very faint and small, but keep an eye out. You won't have to work quite so hard for this. Maybe because your hard work will have already paid off.

Once again. Look for partnerships, partnerships, partnerships. There were a lot of repeating 2s here. I feel as though when it comes to your material life, there's going to be a lot of opportunities to collaborate. This could happen at work. It could be a creative project. It could be a class. It could even be something as simple as a car pooling situation. But keep your eye out. It's definitely favored in the month of June.

As we get past that time, I see you moving very quickly forward. There's a person here riding a large bird and right underneath of them is a person starting a new path. They are at the beginning, and going into a new phase. It's definitely a place they have not been before. These changes might feel heavy, initially.

There's not a lot that shows up beyond this blockage and I only see two other symbols on this side of the cup. One is a person at the very end, climbing out and overcoming the blockage. The other is a sailboat. Unless that resonates for you personally that you're going to go sailing, or you are taking a trip to the ocean, it might be a call to have some adventure and enjoy yourself a little within all of this hard work you're going to be doing to start your next endeavor.

Beyond June:

In the bottom of the cup, we are looking forward, past June. Only two things showed up: a square beginning to form and a U beginning to farm. That's it. It tells me that the things that are happening are going to bring you gradually into a place that feels a lot more stable as we go through summer. It feels like you are reaching a place you can grow from, that you can build from, and this is going to apply to both your emotional and your material world. So kudos on the job well done. You deserve this ~ don't forget it!

The overall message of the month:

June is about partnerships. You do actually have the space in your life for new people and situations, and now is the time to explore and grow in that way. It's also an excellent month to find new romantic interests.

This month's tea is Earl Grey black tea from Republic of Tea. Please note I do not sell tea.

My handcrafted earrings this month were from Blue Luna, artist in Elkridge MD. Find her on Instagram at @bluelunatone Please note, I do not personally sell earrings.

I will never, ever reach out to you on any platform to offer you a reading. If you want a personal reading from me, please go to my booking page or contact me at

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tasseography, tea leaf reading, cartomancy, tarot, or oracle cards, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals watching this video. Any action you take upon watching this video is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tasseographer, tarot reader, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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