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Tarot at Stellar House on June 25

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I'm coming back to Boyertown! Woo-hoo! I absolutely love doing readings at Stellar House. Hanging out with Adriene, and of course, those adorable kitties (Don Juan and Meester!) that sit-in on the sessions.

Allow the cards to offer insight into the big waves or small ripples in your world as a gift for yourself during this special event. Each guest will get a one-question reading from the cards, with both tarot and oracles decks in use, and a crystal to clarify at the end.

Readings will be about 15 minutes with a traditional 3-tarot card spread, and 1 oracle card and 1 crystal as clafiriers. One focus question can be presented, or just see what the cards have to offer! 20 sessions available (more will show on the booking software, but it automatically schedules breaks); $25 each. Pre-scheduling is suggested as I often get booked in advance. Booking link:

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