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An Intuitive Conversation - Felicia's LinkedIn!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

You may not automatically assume that LinkedIn is the space to find an incredible intuitive. That's where I met Felicia Miller Johnson, though. She's bold ~ a healer on a mission to bring spirit and card readings to a business-focused social media platform. I absolutely applaud her. Because you know what, intuitive readers ARE professionals, too!

You can catch our interview on YouTube or her LinkedIn page. Also, listen on Spotify!

She pulled both tarot and oracle cards for me as we talked. And she looked up the meaning of my name, Rissa~ it's illustrious, well-known, respected, admired for past endeavors. My chakra card - 3rd eye chakra. Love, love, love all this!

And then I surprised Felicia by pulling cards for her path! Felicia was warm, engaging, and had a very elegant presence. If you are in the professional space and curious about one of her Awe Intuitive Conversations on LinkedIn, reach out to her!

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