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Magic & Manifesting on the Dark Mark show

After several times on the show, I feel like Dark Mark and Nicole Sixx are becoming friends. I mean, friends in LA I've never met, but friends none-the-less. They recently invited me to join them for a show about magick and tarot and manifesting, along with living legend, Sal Santoro, owner of Burbank's The Crooked Path shop.

This talk went all over the place, from AI to ancient history and bounced around in between a few times. But honestly, a GREAT show and if you're interested in magic, divination, deities, or otherworldly anything, you're going to get something out of this episode. You can watch it on YouTube now or listen on any major podcast catcher.

Mark said this show was a special request for Nicole. And I hope it delivered exactly what she wished for. Thanks Nicole, and Mark, for having me back and Sal, for a great convo! Until we catch up again, - :)

PS - Find Nicole's poetry book here - Slow Burn, published by

Me on the show - chatting with

Sal, legendary LA witch and spellcrafter!

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