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Smoke Divination Feature on Patheos by Coby Michael

It's always exciting to have someone feature you on their blog. Once again, I am honored to be on the Poisoners' Apothecary blog on This time my smoke divination was the focus.

Here is a peek from the smoke divination article, which covers history, technique and even ways you can try it out yourself!

The article was co-authored by myself and Coby Michael, owner of the Poisoner's Apothecary in Florida. Coby is a noted herbalist, published non-fiction author, and talented creator. His shop is in Gulfport Fl, above an adorable indie coffee shop.

He's written about me once before in 2021, featuring my tea leaf readings. We met on Instagram in 2020, though to date, we have yet to meet in person. One day!

Thanks for another wonderful, feature, Coby - and wishing you a great spooky season.

Here's the article link again, and for those wanting to try a remote smoke session, more info is on the capnomancy page.


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