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April 2023 Collective Tea Leaf Reading

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

As spring gets underway, the energy is fired up and so are you. This is the month you decide to step up and really break away from old blockages, negative beliefs and whatever does not support your dreams. Let's get to it!

This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

If you prefer listening/watching to reading you can experience this entire reading on my YouTube channel!

The first symbol we meet underneath the handle, which represents where you are right now, is a unicorn with a ring of flowers around its neck. This is a fantastic symbol! It not only feels very springy with the flowers, but the unicorn is a sign that you are using your own magic, your creativity, your intuition. Everything is sharp and ready to go as you begin spring!

Underneath, a lobster hanging on to the unicorn. You might have some lingering self-doubts that are sort-of bottom-feeding type emotions clinging onto you. I invite you to consider letting them go. There's a lot of excitement this month. It's a very busy time and you no longer need those old negative beliefs to hold you back. The last group that we see under the handle is a fancy shoe attached to a triangle. You are completely ready and prepared. You have all that you need to move towards new opportunities that are coming along!

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup, the first thing we see is a candle, which repeats in the cup. All the light you have held going through your shadow times is still burning and it's about to pay off. Some cultures believe candles to be symbols of resurrection and rebirth. Not only are we entering spring in the northern hemisphere, which is itself a time of resurrection and rebirth for the Earth, but also this is true for you.

The next symbol we meet is a cockatiel, a fancy bird. They have a large plume on top of their head and are quite striking. They're a symbol that your dreams are coming true and now is the time to be proud of who you are, exactly as you are. After that, a fish is swimming towards you and its message is that your relationships this month are going to go well

Below that, a grouping of 11 and U. Many people in spiritual circles feel that 11 has a lot of meaning. It's very lucky and since this appears right next to the letter U, it tspeaks to your upcoming good fortune! Just above all that there's a very particular face of a certain male identifying person. They're wearing glasses and have a long beard. If you recognize this face then the symbol is for you. This might not be for everyone, but if this fellow is here for you then you know that he is coming in with a message that will impact your Emotional world.

Immediately next to him there's a bird flapping its wings about to lift off. A bit of warning here: There's a blockage that appears on this side and it's attached to both an anchor and a turtle. The these two symbols speak to stuckness and slow progress. This is an invitation to you to start chipping away at the blockage so your bird can ascend to carry you-- and your dreams--forward.

If you're wondering how to break through that blockage, the answer is literally in the tea. How handy is that? In two places, there are people sitting and doing their hard work, and there are two dogs spirits as well. Both working figures are sitting at desks. It could be that you are in an educational situation and you simply need to study more. It could be that at your job or side hustle, you simply need to keep at it. Do the work to achieve your dreams. Dog Spirits are about trusting the right people, trusting your loyal friends and family, and trusting yourself. If you have a dog companion in your world, you might want to spend a little extra time with them as well.

There's a really interesting exchange happening in the back of the cup. Two people are holding up a small blockage and it's being held down by a mermaid; underneath, the gateway to the future. It almost feels like these people are in an agreement, like neither will make progress --on purpose. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. If you and whatever person you're in this agreement with, choose to let it go, then the mermaid herself cannot anchor it down. It's going to lift away, and the gateway that's just underneath is going to open up for you!

Moving into the Material Side of the cup, we're greeted by the second candle. Another sign of new beginnings, and that you have come through the darkness. Ironically, it's sitting on top of a wave. There's a lot of feeling and emotion attached to what's going on in your Material World. Whether that's affecting your home, job, or education. Everything you persevered through is coming to light and you are going to find more success soon. Next, there's a fish sitting right on top of yet another blockage. This is a much denser larger blockage and it tells me you've been really stuck in your material situation. Whether that applies to job, education, or home, it's been going on for quite some time. From the looks of this cup, more abundance and success are on the way now. When this comes, it might be very quick because sprouting just underneath the blockage is a mushroom. The sign of fast change!

About halfway through the month, two birds right at the edge of the blockage and yet another shoe~This one is a boot. One of the birds is perched and one is up in the air.You now have four birds in this cup! They are among the luckiest symbols in the tea leaf world. You're definitely headed in the right direction. You are trusting yourself, you are moving forward and things are starting to take off for you.

Yet the feeling of impatience lingers. There's the second turtle in the cup showing up next to an! As if you are thinking, "I'm waiting and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting..." I hear you. It's definitely felt that way for many people and the stuck slowness of the earlier parts of this year hit us all. Just hang on! Birds are here to lift you up. One is attached to a boot. The other is attached to a heart. You're going to move forward and it's in the way you want to go.

We're greeted t a huge number seven and it's next to a pianist. The seven may be an actual time marker: 7 weeks, 7 months or the actual 7th month which is July. I'm not a numerologist, so check and see if 7 has deeper meaning for you. The piano tells me that perhaps it's time to listen to your own music, to follow your own path. Now is the time to care a bit less about what other people think or want for your material world. Follow what feels right to you.

Bring up the back of this section, there's a hair dryer blowing on the mermaid f. I have never seen anything quite like this before! It tells me that because of the material aspects in your life, you're going to decide you're done with self-sabotage. You are going to dry this mermaid out and blow her away! Because of some material part of your life, such as your job, your home, your car, your stuff, you're going to just simply be done with your emotional blockages and you are going to eliminate them. There's a second archway attached to the hair dryer followed by a big happy heart. This is a very exciting grouping and it means you're taking your power back. You're finding your own way forward and you're going to take care of your own business. The last symbol playing out on the material side is the number 99. Perhaps you were born in 1999? Be on the lookout this month for 99 to make an appearance.

In the very bottom of the cup there is a glowing triangle surrounded by a butterfly. I've never seen a happier set of symbols for the future. The butterfly represents a complete transformation. A glowing triangle with beams of light shooting off of it tells me that the opportunities coming along for you in both your emotional and material world are going to make you feel alive. All in all this cup is full of optimism and great signs for moving ahead through the month of April. The big takeaways are to keep believing in your dreams to trust yourself and to move forward boldly towards the life that you want to manifest.

If this wasn't really your cup, and you'd like a personal tea leaf reading, please reach out. Thanks for stopping by!

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