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April 2024 Collective Tea Reading

This month is about just getting through it all. April might be bumpier and you may feel withdrawn or overwhelmed by how much seems to be just flying at you. Keep going, you'll end it stronger than you imagined! If there are struggles with your home situation, have faith ~ it's going to work out with patience over the next few months.

Remember, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need support of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor, to a professional in medicine, therapy, or finances, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the assistance you need.

The cup this month is definitely a little more challenging than some of the ones we've seen in the recent past. I suspect that there are astrological elements at play. We will have the April 8th solar eclipse, and most of the month of April is going to fall into Mercury retrograde. I don't think these things are "bad," but they can be challenging, and they can push change in a way that might feel uncomfortable initially.

Right now:

Under the handle shows you as you are in the world currently. One of the largest objects in this month's cup is a skull. The skull tells me there's a lot of things, people, and/or events from the past that are still taking up space in your head. Accompanying the skull, there are two small dinosaurs. Again, this means more aspects from the past are holding on to you as we enter the month of April. I invite you to consider if you're going into this month defining yourself by who you have been instead of who you are becoming. This might be a little challenging, it might really be testing you ways that you haven't experienced before.

It's all about new growth. Also under the handle, a really large acorn. You are planting seeds. You are definitely going to make changes for a better future for you. In order to get there, you're going to have to really examine why two dinosaurs and a huge skull show up as yor defining elements. What are you still carrying with you from the past as you go forward, and can you consider letting any of it go?

Emotional World:

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup, which rules the people in your life, and your feelings, the defining element of this cup is how all of it is pushed back from the edge. When I looked at the cup, the very first thing I noticed was the open rim around most of it. It tells me that as you go through April, you're going to be holding everything a little bit away from you. There might be some feelings of change that make you a little unsteady or unsure. That's okay. Changes always cause feelings like that, even positive change. As you go through this month, understand that any discomfort, any letting go that you experience, will lead to better things.

Two big triangles come in first. There are going to be opportunities to bring new, helpful people into your life. There are numbers showing up throughout this cup and on this on the side we have 3 and 9. If those numbers resonate for you, I encourage you to embrace them.

The next grouping: a lot of small figures. AS you go through April, lots of things are going to be coming at you. It might feel non-stop through most of the month, especially in those two middle weeks. The figures are taking a lot of different shapes. The first one is a person on a bench with an idea. They're thinking about something they want to do, but they haven't yet taken action. Next, we have a goat, a sword, two people kissing, a butterfly, a llama, a steer, two hammers hammering, and an eagle flying. Underneath all of that are a dinosaur and a bouquet of flowers. If you're wondering how all of that goes together, it's symbolic of the many different people and aspects that are going to be woven together in your material and emotional world. Going through April is going to feel like a lot. It's going to be busy and there might even be moments where you feel like you're experiencing overwhelm, too much to do. too much to feel, too much to think about. There's definitely scattered mixed in with all of that, which means there's going to be some confusion. You might feel some lack of direction.

The advice from the cup is to just keep chugging along. There's a small tugboat underneath this. It's traversing all of these people, and things, and events and it's just moving forward. The advice this month is just keep chugging along and moving forward as you are dealing with everything. Some of them might be a wonderful loving aspect, like the two people kissing. Others like the sword might bring conflict. The goat might goats be someone stubborn or just a Capricorn?

Either way, you're going to have to work through all this one step at a time. There are two hammers, so you're either going to feel like you're doing the work of two people, (so sorry if that's your story), or someone (hopefully) is showing up to help you. I do want to point out there is another dinosaur here. In the beginning we had the two brontosauruses. And now there's a T Rex. There are definitely things from the past you are simply going to have to take care of during the month of April. This could be something emotional or material. Maybe's it's time to just deal with it, though?

What lies ahead?

At the back of the cup is the column representing the future you're moving towards. 

There's a lot of open space. You might just be chugging along, like the tugboat, just getting through from day-to-day and that's perfect if that is your story. You will rise up. You will embrace the changes coming, and I think that you're going to do it in pretty grand style.

There is a snake shedding its skin. It's telling me that as you get to the end of April, you will decide to make changes and you will stick with them. But the largest aspect in the back of the cup is a really big dragon. That's just about to unfold its wings and fly. You are becoming fierce, powerful and really embracing all of the fiery energy of April. There's also a number of 11 next to the dragon, and an electric guitar. The guitar could simply be an expression of the passion and creativity that you're coming into by the end of the month And ultimately finding a satisfying way to create and sustain your own vision for the future.

Your Material World:

Moving around to the material side of the cup. This is about your job, education, home, car, and any other things that make up your material life.

There's a lot of similarities in April between the emotional and material sides. Again, there's a lot of vacant space around the top rim of the cup. You're kind of playing your cards close this month, and really focusing on what you need and how to get it.

Going back to the handle, there's a spilled bottle of wine next to a triangle. Not literally meaning that you should spill a bottle of wine - more that you may have things bottled up and when you let go, new opportunities are waiting. Underneath and sort of overlapping the skull, there is a roosted bird. You have a lot of potential to move forward on the material side this month. But, you're going to have to do the work. It's not going to be something that just lands for you. You're going to have to put in the time whether it's about your home, maybe a renovation; your job, maybe a promotion you want; or your education classes that you're in or maybe want to take.All these things are going to require some commitment on your part.

The next aspect we see is a woman on the bench with a cat, and an inverted V. Usually I read V as "victory" unless it is indeed your initial. There is definitely some situation that you want to turn upright and it's likely to do with your home. It could be about a cohabitant, a pet, family, a repair, or even a move that you're hoping to make. I think this is a situation you definitely going to have to think about and offer time towards.

Our grouping that follows is a turtle, a faucet, a house and a sheet. The turtle is about very slow progress. The faucet means that you're definitely going to feel emotional about the slow progress. The house means this is going to affect your home. The final symbol is a sheep: they can be about nurturing within a group, or just finding kind environment. This could be about your family, pets, housemates or roommates. You're basically looking for a more peaceful living scenario.

Underneath is another grouping, the number 3, the number 6 and an upside down umbrella. I'm going to project that this situation with your home is going to take about 3 to 6 months to pan out, not just the month of April. You will nee time to feel like you have a full umbrella, to feel safe and like you've worked out all of the tangles with your home. I know it's probably not what you want to. You want me to say that by the end of April everything will be peaches and roses. However, the cup says you're going to have to work on it a little bit longer. The 3 or 6 could also be numbers that are associated with your home, business, or education.

There's one more grouping in the cup and it's a mountain range with somebody climbing to the top; underneath of that, the initial J with a heart and a triangle, and in the very back , a person sitting on a big overstuffed recliner with their head in their hands. Ultimately as time goes by you're probably going to feel like you did climb the whole mountain range and you probably will also be very tired. An overstuffed recliner might look good to you by the end of April. But there's also going to be that feeling of victory, that you did come through winning. The J is going to be a person, place, thing, or event where there's a new opportunity to do or create something you love for your material life.

Beyond March:

In the bottom of the cup, we are looking forward, past April. There's only one symbol here, though. It's a very large alligator sitting in a pool of your emotion. In my cups the alligator is someone that doesn't have your best interest at heart. Because this alligator is showing up with so much water, I'm going to place it in your emotional realm. As you go through April and beyond, be sure to have good boundaries. This alligator can't get you if you don't let it in the door.

The overall message of the month:

April is about endurance. More is happening than earlier this year and the pace will noticeably pick up. You may experience overwhelm or fatigue. Be sure to take care of yourself, and exercise patient around your home situation, especially if conflict arises.

This month's tea is mango-ceylon black tea from Republic of Tea. Mango felt like a bold flavor to reflect what is coming in the next few weeks. Please note I do not sell this tea. You can buy it here.

My vintage earrings this month were from Strange Daze in Columbia, PA. Please note, I do not personally sell earrings.

I will never, ever reach out to you on any platform to offer you a reading. If you want a personal reading from me, please go to my booking page or contact me at

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tasseography, tea leaf reading, cartomancy, tarot, or oracle cards, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals watching this video. Any action you take upon watching this video is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tasseographer, tarot reader, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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