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June 2023 Collective Tea Reading

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

If you prefer listening/watching to reading you can experience this entire reading on my YouTube channel!

Under the handle, which represents your current state, we find someone rowing their boat by themselves and weighed down by a really big anchor. This means that right now you feel like you're the only one doing any work and you're the only one rowing the boat. Things are moving slowly and you're dragging the weight of an anchor that's twice the size of your boat. This might even be in a love relationship, as immediately underneath the anchor, someone is raising their arms and surrender, attached to heart. It could be that in the last month or two, you have offered your love to someone and maybe things just didn't go quite as planned.

Moving into the emotional sector we see more frustration, more hard work, with more lack of reward. The first symbol showing up is a person slouched over their desk. They've been truly putting in the hours, be it in a relationship, a home situation, or job/education. But there’s an unhappy person standing and looking right over their shoulder. Kind of judging.

Under that exchange, we see an arrow pointing to the first of four slow-moving turtles. The energy this month is not speedy. Underneath the turtle, an arrow emphasizes the slow pace of the month of June. Next is a is a mourning figure, all dressed in black, standing on a sideways heart. Once again, I feel as though in the past month or so, something happened that just flipped your heart around, or even broke your love.

There's a gap after this figure. It’s an opening, a space, for you to give yourself the time and means to heal from all of this frustration and sadness.

Then comes the largest of the turtles. It’s another slow-moving energy and it's attached to a person reading a book. This duo tells me that you're still learning. Don't rush yourself into things that you don't know how to do yet. Take your time and learn the right way.

Just underneath is a dog, a very particular kind of dog. This is a super speedy greyhound, but the dog is at rest. It means the fast speed you want, that fast progress, it’s very available to you, but you're not ready for it. Give yourself the time, and space figure out what you need to know to go forward.

Moving back the emotional side, there’s another interesting exchange. We find a bull with an anchor. It’s the second anchor in the cup, and two mushrooms are growing on the anchor. This feels like opposite kinds of messages. A bull could literally be a Taurus person or it could be someone with that same stubbornness. Alternatively, this is your own stubbornness. Change wants to come into your emotional sector, being represented by the Greyhound and the mushrooms. It's not going to be able to make way, though, while you’re stubbornly holding onto your own anchor.

The final three symbols on the emotional side are another a turtle, two people working together to move a boat forward, and a pot with three flowers. The partnership you're looking for is on the way. Whether this is personal or professional. The person who wants to help row your boat is coming along by the end of the month. It's going to be a slow-moving relationship. Be okay with slow growth. Steady growth is good growth. The flower pot has a very interesting message as well. There are three stems of flowers. One shows a beautiful flower in bloom, but the other two flowers are wilted, at the end of their life cycle. They're ready to be pruned away so new growth can happen. The message here is that when you let go of the old, when you prune it away, new growth will flourish.

The backside of this cup is really interesting. It is the first of three houses to show up in the cup. A person is sitting in a chair on the roof of the house, deep in thought and considering a situation to do with home, property, real estate, or some kind of actual building. You really want this to be easy, because you kind of want it wrapped up in a bow. I don't see that happening though. You show up again on the other side of the house, pushing it forward making this endeavor manifest. You want it to happen like magic ~ there's Aladdin’s lamp just underneath. Interestingly, the way magic is just rolling out of Aladdin's lamp, I believe it might be possible that there's someone or some force on the other side helping you manifest this new home or property situation. I mean, maybe you have a genie?

Moving into the Material Side, there's a huge blockage. In fact, it is the largest feature of this cup. Besides the general feeling of confusion and scatter, this cup is really speaking to a lot of stagnation, maybe even brain fog. The mood on this side is just not conducive to you getting your goals achieved.

Right underneath of the blockage we meet an acorn and another mushroom. This is the third mushroom; mushrooms are about fast growth but it's blocked by this huge wall of tea at the top. Acorns are about planting seeds for the future. Maybe it is a good thing to plan it deep underground, but again, that feeling of blockage and stagnation is still present. There is an umbrella tucked away. It means you are prepared. You are ready for a rainy day to come along. You just don't believe it yourself.

We see a person stuck in the blockage but still moving along next. If this resonates with you, it means that despite feeling blocked and stuck, you are still pushing onward. Go you! That's commendable! Just after that there's an old fashioned telephone that has a cord and means that there is an opportunity coming along, probably a work/education thing, but you have to be open to it. It has to be able to reach you through this big blockage

Next there is a fully grown tree. It's got leaves. It's got roots. It's got a big strong trunk. The acorns you planted in the past are finally coming to bear fruit. This is a good thing, but remember that stagnation. Do all you can to let the tree break through. See if you could find a way to begin releasing it.

A squirrel with several ?? Pops up next, just beside another house. Squirrels are usually about securing resources for a rainy day. This might mean there's something insecure in the very foundation of your material world right now or some kind of building that you are affiliated with in your life (work, home, neighbor, school). You're not sure about its future.

Just beneath that there's a little girl carrying a basket. There's a ? with her too. This sweet, adorable little girl might be a child in your life, or perhaps even a child that you're helping to bring into the world. There's some uncertainty though, and I encourage you address your uncertainty and insecurities before you move forward as much as possible.

Finally, happier news. Two people walk hand-in-hand at the end of the blockage. Finally, you accept some help and get around this big block. There are also three C’s. This could represent a person, place, thing, or event if that resonates for you. The final symbol that shows up on the material side is a new person walking in with big change. They’re represented by a friendly waving figure and a spinning top. By the end of the, month the new person is going to show up and help with your material challenges. They very well might be that individual coming along to help you paddle the boat and walk forward together in partnership.

At the bottom of the cup a ? appears over another house once again, even going into the distant future. You might be questioning your home or something else to do with a particular physical location. There’s more slow change with another turtle, but this one is hauling a great big triangle. Another opportunity is coming along but don't look for this particular one to happen in June.

It's a moment to do all you can to support your own well-being, your mental, emotional, and physical health at this time ~ when it's a little bit blocked, and confused. I see you coming through it strong and a lot of your questions finding answers.

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tea leaf reading or tasseography, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, guidance counselor, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this website are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals. Any action you take upon reading this is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tarot reader, tasseographer, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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