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November 2022 New Moon in Sag Journal Prompts

Finally, things are smoothing out in the cosmos. And I'm here for it, how about you? Today is a new moon in Sagittarius. The beginning of the holiday season overlaps with this light-spirited sign and brings us all some much needed relief as we end the calendar year.

Journal #1 - Following the vibes of Sagittarius consider what you've always wanted to learn, but have consistently put on the back burner. Want to know more about modern art? Wish you could speak Spanish? Have you always wanted to know more about science or history? Write it all out in your journal. And then, take step two while this feisty fire sign rules the sky: plan a day to begin. It can be a small start, like attending a performance, signing up for an online class, or just getting one book from the library. The first step is offered to you now!

Journal #2 - Not only does this sign love being with people, it's also the perfect time of year to socialize with those you love. In your journal, simply make a list of names. These are the people (and animals!) you are grateful to have in your life. Then choose one of them and do something fun together. It can be as simple as a phone call to catch up, a coffee meeting, or going for a walk. Togetherness can be its own gift.

Journal #3 - We all have "wildest dreams." What are yours? What's stopping you? And... is that really stopping you? Make a list in your journal. This is your own journal, so really get into it. Want to try base jumping? Write a best-seller? Volunteer at a sloth rescue? Drive across Canada? Write out all those wildest dreams. This is step one to making them reality. All adventures start somewhere...

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