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April 6, 2023: Full Pink Moon Journal Prompts

The first Full Moon of the spring season brings excitement... and balance. The Pink Moon happens in Libra, ushering in some much needed calm, equality, and Venus energy. These journal prompts are offered to help you through the lunar change.

Journal #1 - Libra is the scales, it always wants to come back to center. How can you find more balance in your world? Are you already well-balanced? Explore all the corners of your life and seek out any spot that could level out a bit, and consider how you might make that happen.

Journal #2 - Each spring the Earth bursts back into life with color and vibrancy. But the thing is, it never really "died," it was truly resting. Consider the seeds you have planted in the recent and distant past. How have they sprouted and grown for you? Do any need more tending? Be sure to congratulate yourself on all successes!

Journal #3

Being in feminine energy is challenging for many people. This isn't about identifying as male, female, etc. - this is about achieving balance with your inner energy. Feminine energy will come into focus during this Full Moon as Venus takes center stage. Are you open? Are you in the energy to receive, to create? Why or why not?


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