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May Full Flower Moon in Scorpio ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ Journal Prompts

Tonight is the last eclipse in feisty Scorprio until 2031~ and it's a lunar eclipse as well! You may be feeling a lot of emotions right now, or be especially tired. That's normal, allow yourself to be in the flow of this heavy duty energy. I offer the following journal prompts to support you in this aspect.

Journal #1 ~ How do you face your own shadows? Do you do it at all? Scorpio might push you into the darkness during this time, and you may even decide to show up boldly, fiercely, and bring light with you.

Journal #2 ~ With both Taurus and Scorpio at play this week, you might find yourself in a more stubborn place than usual. It's all good. This can be a positive thing - like being steadfast, just as much as a negative thing, like feeling stuck.

Journal #3 ~ It's time to open your petals and BLOOM during the Flower Moon! In your journal, consider how you have bloomed. And yes, you have, you REALLY have. Make a list and congratulate yourself on the growth and accomplishments.

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