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October 2022 Full Moon in Aries Journal Prompts

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

It's a bold Hunter's Moon with the energy of Aries in the skies. Take a breath, it's the last full moon of fall, and that burst of excitement you feel can work FOR you this month.

Journal #1 - Aries likes action. With the Full Moon in this sign, you can expect a burst of movement in all aspects of life, as well as a rising upwards of anger. This can be old, buried emotion, or fresh bad feeling. Either way, before you explode, slow down. Think. Allow the feelings to move through you. After you apply logic and pragmatism, consider the best course of action.

Journal #2 - Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the true beginning. Full Moons are about closure, and always these two things are the opposite sides of the same coin. In your journal, reflect on how these two challenging experiences in life consistently go together. How have you managed it in the past? What did you learn?

Journal #3 - Both the Hunter's Moon and Aries are calling up courage. How have you been brave in your life? Ponder it in your journal. And congratulate yourself on these wins.

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