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October Collective Reading ~ Werewolves & Whirlwind!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

It's my favorite month of the year - and this reading is quite the spin in the leaves. There's going to be some letting go, as well as making room for the new. Those shiny new aspects include a new version of YOU that's as fierce as a werewolf! Nope, I'm not joking and it's not just about Halloween.

Remember, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need help of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor to a professional in medicine or therapy, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the help you need.

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Right now:

Under the cup handle, which represents you where you are right now in life, the first thing we encounter is the opportunity to separate, to leave something behind. That's not always a super comfortable feeling. But if this is something that's on your mind, if there's a person or a situation that's just that good for you, October is probably the month to make the split.

You're going to feel a lot of confusion about this. In fact, I would say one of the defining characteristics of the October reading is indecision and confusion. Despite the fact that there's a lot of positive aspects in the October cup, there's also a good deal of questioning. There's a lot of soul searching happening in October. It kind of makes sense. They call this "the thin time of year" it's when we in the physical realm are closest to the spirit realm.

The only other symbol that shows up under the handle is a hard line. As if by the time you get to the end of this month, when you're thinking about this situation you're going to reach an end, a conclusion. Autumn is often about letting go.

Emotional World:

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup that rules the people in your person life, and your feelings, an angel is flying in through all of this confusion to offer you a new opportunity. When you let go of the thing that's no longer working for you, you're going to get the opportunity for someone or something new to take its place.

There's going to be a lot of questioning about what you really love. This is showing up as a big "?" right next to a heart. You're going to be doing a lot of soul searching, really deep consideration of what's best for you. What do you want in your emotional life?

Underneath is a witch in a traditional pointed witch's hat and a bumblebee. You're either going to be working on some Halloween fun--or you're working on your own magic. What can you do to really further your own mission; to really see what it is that inspires you? What moves you, makes you want to work? Bumblebees are about literal work. You know it could also mean you're working on having fun for Halloween and if that's the case, just go with it. Enjoy!

Halfway back the emotional side of the cup, there's a huge empty triangular space. It's time to leave room in your life for new opportunities. You are opening up space through the confusion and the various things that you have let go of, so you have room for the new. This could be for you. Maybe you're considering a new fitness or yoga practice? Maybe you're considering looking for a new home? Maybe you're considering some kind of makeover? Whatever it is, you're thinking about what you need for you and that's fantastic.

Just before the big triangle, there's a division sign and a couple of sets of two. I think that you're strongly considering what partnerships are good for you and which ones are over. This could be in your home life. neighborhood, community, work, school, or friend circle. Think about it. What's really working for you? Let go of what you don't need.

There are few more aspects that I want to bring out. Just below that large triangle there are (parenthesis) and a cheerleader. There's something good coming and you don't see it yet. This is going to make you feel like leaping for joy. It's going to make you feel so alive, so excited! Right next to the cheerleader. a bouquet of flowers. This is a very positive aspect. It's going to be a wonderful surprise this month. It could be somebody you already know, who perhaps changes roles in your life.

Our next grouping is someone who's clinging onto a bird by its beak -- as if they're holding on for dear life. In my cups, I always read birds as a very lucky sign aspect. This is you, holding on really tightly to the good things in your world. The great news is you don't have to cling. You don't have to hold on quite this tight. The bird is nested, it's roosted. It's not going anywhere.

The final Emotional Side grouping is three items: a candle, a shadow, and a person running. If you spend a lot of time running from your shadows, from your darkness, the candle is trying to say that now is the time to turn around and face them. The illumination is there. The love is there. In fact, I suspect this could be about new love for some of you. If new love is something you want, or a refresher for the love that you have, especially a romantic or family-based love, turning around and looking into the shadows is going to be the thing makes it happen.

What lies ahead?

The back of the cup is the future you're hoping for, as it shows up. The first thing we meet is you sharing a meal with someone you care about. It's a lovely aspect and feels very calm.

Underneath of that there's a good deal of confusion and then, another triangle showing up. This is more opportunity. In fact, I suspect that the opportunity that you made space for is going to start to materialize by the end of the month.

The initial C is also showing up in the back of the cup. This may or may not resonate for you, but look carefully as you go through the month. It could be a person, place thing or event.

The last two things showing up on the back side of the cup are a little curious and a bit Halloweeny. There's a U like you, the person I'm reading for right now, with a werewolf! So, with a witch, a werewolf, bats and a ghoul showing up in this cup, it's definitely Halloween. On a serious note, though, the werewolf is about transition. You are changing. You are turning into a fiercer version of you. This is the message from the werewolf and because it's landing in the back of the cup, this is exactly what you're hoping for that comes to pass.

Your Material World:

With all that leveling up you're doing turning into your new wild werewolf self, let's see what the Material Side reads. The Material Side is about job, education, house, stuff, in your world, and sometime the people associated with those things.

There are three huge aspects showing up on the Material Side. First is a dove, then a wooden log and then a shark. The fact that the dove takes up almost half of the beginning of the material side of the cup tells me that in all parts of your material life, you're moving towards more peace. Peace is really important to you in your material world. Whether we're talking about work, school, or home, you are ready for a more peaceful environment. You are done with conflict. You are done with abrasive interactions, drama, and BS from other people.

I'm going to say that there's been so much conflict that you have really gotten down about it. There is a female figure who's slumped over her, head is down. She looks really defeated but flying around her are bats. The bats are coming in to help clear out all of this old stuff so that she can begin again. And that's going to happen.

This whole grouping is accompanied by the moon phase of the waxing gibbous moon That's not due to happen until the end of the month; things will start looking up by that time.

Next, we meet a snake accompanied by a heart. You are going through the changes, shedding skin. You are moving into a more peaceful state. Also, you're pleased with the progress. It's not as big as you want. You are working on creating that more peaceful environment and you're going to get there.

There's a lot of scatter a companying these aspects, so prepare for the changes to bring confusion. This is a normal part of the process of change.

You're going to come through it and it's going to be solid. Next up, there's a big wooden log with a rabbit sitting on top, and right behind that t log is the shark. They're connected. In my teacups, rabbits are usually about looking out for something that might not be in your best interest. Now with this big shark coming in, Remember to be in your fierce werewolf energy! A shark can definitely manifest someone aggressive and dangerous. Honestly though, I really don't see this person getting around that huge log. Whoever it is, you're really ready to be rid of them. The shark is a person or situation that does not bring you peace.

Heads up, they're going to try to come back. They're going to try to reestablish themselves in your life, probably at work or some other material-life way. Just say no! Set a hard line. This log is the second hard line in the teacup this month. Firm boundaries! There's a lot in this cup about setting firm boundaries. It's illustrated almost perfectly with the dove, the log, the shark and the rabbit.

In the scatter on this side of the cup, another triangle is trying to form This is another opportunity that wants to come your way. It's not quite here yet, but maybe towards the end of October keep an eye out.

There are two more symbols in the back of the material side I want to talk about. The first is the face of a ghoul and it's spooky. This is someone who has been hiding in the shadows. You don't know yet that they're not an awesome person; this is a deception. This person is going to be associated with your material world. Just behind that ghoul is an egret. This is a huge, beautiful seabird and symbolically it is there to push outward and bring you more self-awareness. Ultimately, you are going to know who the ghoul is and be able to recognize them in time to stop anything bad from happening. But - you have to take action, dear werewolf!

Beyond October:

The bottom of the cup only brings three symbols this month. There's a large fish that is arching and forming a triangle, and heart. In the time beyond October, with the work you do this month, ie, setting those good, healthy boundaries, a lot of new opportunities are going to come in.

They could be romantic, that's the heart or they could be financial. Fish in my teacup readings are all about literal money opportunities. This fish is forming a triangle ~ so look forward later this year to some really exciting financial opportunities coming in!

The big takeaway this month is to place and maintain firm boundaries. After all, remember, you are in transformation (think werewolf, snake, FIERCE) and you deserve the peace you need to make it all happen. Wishing you a happy spooky season!

I will never, ever reach out to you on any platform to offer you a reading. If you want a personal reading from me, please contact me .

Artist's Credit: Those incredibly cool skeleton hand earrings in the video/photos are handcrafted and from Boho by Trudi. I do not personally sell/make earrings.

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tasseography, tea reading, tarot or oracle cards, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals. Any action you take upon watching this video is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tasseographer, tea leaf reader, tarot reader, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading. This is a general reading and may not resonate for all people.

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