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"Supernatural Expert." Yup, that's me.

During October, I was quoted in two different articles in the York Daily Record. First came the piece by Angel Albring about why Halloween is so popular and why there are so many ghost stories in York, PA. You can read the article here, (but it will cost $1 unless you are a subscriber).

My favorite quote from the article:

“The town is very old, it predates the beginning of America, and of course, before that, Native tribes lived here. The land has memories, and the old buildings in York's downtown, they speak as well,” Miller said. “To understand a place through the lens of its ghost legends means taking a glimpse into the story of that town's residents and their lives. Not just the 'facts' of history, like dates and names, but who populated the place, what they lived through, what their lives were like. Ghost stories are shadow histories, and no less critical than the dates and facts that personify a place's past.”

A few days later, I was quoted in another article about the cryptid legends of the region. This is a fun area of esoterica and has loads of interest in the folklore realm. It fascinates me how stories of cryptids evolve, migrate and seem to take on their own life. Check out the article here (again, it's $1).

My video about the Imp of Clarke Alley even made a mention in this piece!

And my favorite section/quote from this one, about one of my favorite cryptids:

The Chupacabra has long been said to haunt the deserts of the Southwestern United States and Mexico, but there have been sightings in Hanover.

“To me, this is about how as people migrate, their stories move with them. As more Latinx people settle in the South Central Pennsylvania area, so does their folklore,” said Miller.

Thanks to journalist Angel Albring for the interview. I love adding both facts and texture to stories like this.

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