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Halloween/Samhain Reading 2022

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween! Truly, one of my favorite times of the year. Even as a child, this day felt special to me. Not because of candy or treats. But because of rituals and tradition. In my family, that meant a big pot of minestrone soup and my Dad telling ghost stories and of course - being allowed to stay up late on a school night.

Over the centuries, this holiday has changed. But I resonate with the old traditions of celebrating ancestors and honoring those who came before. In that spirit (no pun intended), I offer this short collective reading for you today.

The tarot deck is Corrado Roi's Murder of Crows. It felt special to use this deck because I recently had a psychic medium tell me that crows would hold messages for me. So in turn, I offer these messages from the crows onward to you. The Oracle deck is Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle by Lorraine Anderson and Juliet Diaz.

Card one: XX Judgement

Card two: XI Lovers

Card three: 9 of Pentacles

#22: Healer

#18: Graveyard

What it means:

You've spent time in reflection. The past has been quiet and you used the time well to self-evaluate and regain your composure. This is the gift of the Judgement card. You see with discernment all the has gone before ~ an apt way to enter into the energy of this day. Next comes the Lovers. It can be a message of romance, but it can also represent a choice point. You have a decision to make and this pivot can move you onward into the dream life you long for, or you can choose to stay as you are. Call on your newly fashioned self-awareness as you step into this day and week. What have you learned? What can you apply? What do you REALLY want? As you move forward, the message of the 9 of Pentacles is to quietly build your world. You have seen the vision. You have made the choice. And now, you must cultivate the choices to propel yourself forward. Fear may sneak in, but remember, action creates the feeling of success. The crows encourage you to spread your wings and sail up, to ascend as we move into the cold time.

The Healer card came out first, and the Graveyard fell behind it. I took both.

You have made the choice to heal yourself and this is happening with intention and grace. As a general observation, healing is critical piece of forward momentum. It is also part of offering healing to others. This confirms you are doing the right thing as you grant yourself the time, tools, and space to let wounds close. Allow meditations, journaling and dreams, as well as earthly modalities, to send you the healing you need now.

The Graveyard is a message directly from your ancestors on this spiritually thin day. It is not about tears over loss, make no mistake. This is a declaration of power and a gift to you. They are with you always, guiding you and offering support. Never fret, they know true peace and this card is the acknowledgement that you are lifted by those who came before. When you feel lost on the path, simply ask and you will be sent the direction.

May you enjoy your spooky season - and remember the thin time continues for us all into Solstice/Christmas time!

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