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Kindness Matters: 2023

Giving, and supporting others is always part of my mission. We're all in this life together and it's critical to lend a hand. There are moments we all need help and paying it forward is one of the greatest gifts to give. At least to me.

This year I am proud to say I supported the following 15 charities, either with my time; by donating fees from events; with food/supplies; monetary donations; or by donating mini tarot sessions/tea reading gift baskets to their auction efforts.

Toys for Toys (PA & MD)

Whispering Rise Farm and Animal Sanctuary (MD) Vegetarian Resource Group (MD) York County History Center (PA) If you can give, in any way (time, food, money), I hope you will consider it. Another way to support others: shop as much as you can at small businesses! And tip service providers, like your hair stylist, tour guide, and of course, restaurant servers.

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