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Kindness Matters: 2022 Community/Support

As we travel together in life, it's always important to lend a hand to other souls on the journey. At least I think so. As the saying goes, "We rise by lifting others."

This year I am proud to say I supported the following charities, either with my time, with food or monetary donations, or by donating mini tarot sessions/tea reading gift baskets to their event efforts. Many of my in-person talks and programs supported organizations too.

Food Not Bombs, (food for the homeless), Harrisburg, PA branch

If you can give, in any way (time, food, money), I hope you will consider it.

Another way to support others: shop as much as you can at small businesses! And tip service providers, like your hair stylist, tour guide, and of course, restaurant servers.

Consider doing something small, like setting up a homemade bird feeder. It's a quick project to you, but means life or death to a wild bird. I made these using less than $10 in materials. The directions are on this blog, and it's a great activity for friends and family to share during the cold months.

These acts of charity make me feel uplifted by offering my support to people and animals in need. They also make me feel connected to my communities. It's so easy to plod along, unaware of any story but our own. Reaching out in this special way is a gift to ourselves. It's a chance to find a place where our contribution is valued.

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