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Tasseography Donation for Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

A wonderful organization, Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary in Woodstock, MD, is having an online auction to help support their incredible mission. And I'm very pleased to donate a tasseography basket that includes a remote tea leaf reading, a vintage cup, three kinds of tea, a crystal point, vegan lip balm, a rock candy wand, an evil eye bracelet, and essential oil spray.

You can support Frisky's by bidding on goodies starting Oct. 1 in the online/virtual fundraising auction here. There are hundreds of items, from clothing, garden supplies and toys, to holiday decor, sporting goods, books and wine. Really, something for everyone!

The basket and a sample reading drawing.

One of Frisky's animal guests.

Frisky's is a non-profit Wildlife Rehabilitation center that takes in injured, orphaned, abandoned, or displaced wildlife. The goal is to always return them back to their natural home once they are well enough or old enough. If you are not sure how to transport an injured animal, you may call us for instructions on how to get it here safely.

Frisky's is also a rescue center and home to Primates and other small exotics who have been kept as companions and are no longer able to live with their people.

Monkeys are not meant to be pets, but unfortunately there are brokers who continue to sell primates even though it is illegal in many states. They can become difficult and demanding to handle and end up needing another home. You cannot take the wild animal instincts out of a monkey. We provide a safe home with love and enrichments for those primates who end up without a home and have been imprinted by human care. These animals live the remainder of their lives at Frisky's and are never adopted out.

Many hours per week are spent in telephone education and consulting. We find many people breathe a sigh of relief once they have been coached on what to do when they have a concern about wildlife in their yard. Sometimes an intervention is needed, sometimes it is not. We give people peace of mind when they know that they have done everything they could to help an animal they are concerned about.

As you know if you've met me, animals are close to my heart and I love supporting charities that protect and nurture the creatures who share the planet with us.

Please check out the fundraising auction for Frisky's! My basket is one of many, many items!

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