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Pisces Begins, Feb. 19: Quick Reading Pisces Season

Welcome to Pisces Season. This is my favorite because I'm a Pisces Sun and all things Pisces vibe with me.

This is a general reading and may not resonate with everyone. If you want a personal reading, please reach out to me for available bookings here. Remember, I will never reach out to you on ANY platform to offer you a reading. Beware of scammers.

If you're a pixie like me, Happy Birthday season and if you're not, enjoy this first breath of spring with us fishies! This is a great reading as we come out from the shelter of winter and begin the new season.

The quick reading overall looks like this. Scroll on below for the entire breakdown of each grouping and how it will play out in the coming weeks. Card decks listed below as well.

Current situation: You're beginning with the Six of Swords and Transformation oracle card, supported by Celestite crystal.

Six of Swords represents the end of a cycle and the complete act of moving onward. These folks are fully letting go, they've left everything behind and are on a journey to the next phase. Sometimes this can be about removing yourself from a toxic situation and moving into a calmer place. Other times, this is just a way to understand you are making progress, even if it doesn't feel that way immediately. The Six of Swords acknowledges that you are healing and the current moment, even if painful, is going to give way to smooth seas. The advice here is to try not to sink into feeling of defeat or loss as you go through the transit. You're in the calm after the storm and soon, things will look sunny again.

Transformation oracle: Angel's Trumpet with a Nectar Bat are shown on the card.

Change and beginnings are upon you, and this card is the side of which proves the discomfort in the new. Embracing new situations, ways of thinking and doing - can be challenging and uncomfortable as you shed old skin. But this card encourages you to let go of past influences and truly step up, and into, the new. Now is the time to release and move forward. Growing pains are simply part of the process.

Celestite Crystal: This stone offers support if you are feeling lost. With a name meaning "heavenly and celestial" it has appeared to help guide you towards your purpose and bring uplifted energy. Celestite offers you deepend intuition (and this resonates as we're in Pisces season!), as well as the abiltity to stay grounded while in a state of spiritual unrest. This crystal is particularly good if you can't quite figure out why you feel "off," it wants to guide you back to wholeness. Keep if with you all day, or nearby as you rest if you want to work with Celestite.

Next up, we have the advice grouping, compromised of the Two of Wands, the Awareness oracle card and Smokey Quartz crystal.

Two of Wands indicates that you're (probably) planning the next steps. You've come through the tricky places and now it's decision time. You may feel restless, or even want to just abandon everything and run away. But the grass isn't always greener on the other side ~ remember, the grass or garden or flowers, are greener where they are well-tended! This card means you do have more than one viable option. However, it's still critical to remain focused on what you truly want in life. It can also show that you're yearning for something new, a move, a vacation, a different job. The world is open, just remember to approach with wisdom cooperation, and planning.

Awareness oracle: The Moonflower Vine is featured on this card. Things that have been hidden come to light as you move forward. This card notes the opportunity to break old patterns and habits; also to release injustices and pain from the past. Be careful at this time not to hide in your own shadows or avoid things you need to do in support of forward progress. It continues the story of the Two of Wands, as it encourages you to get grounded and make solid choices as you heal and grow; not to stay in old stuck patterns.

Smoky Quartz Crystal: If you need a friend in healing times, smoky quartz is a great choice. This stone not only deflects negative energy and helps break old attachments, but it also is a wonderful and pulling out old baggage like weeds from a garden. This powerful stone encourages you to break the cycle of negative beliefs and dissolve past trauma from your way of current thinking. To work with this crystal, wear it, keep it near your workstation, rest one on your journal or keep it in your pocket when you seek more stability. Because it actively shuns negative energy, it may help with nightmares as well.

The outcome cards are the Wheel of Fortune (its my favorite tarot card!), supported by the Knight of Wands, and the Achievement oracle card, and the Blue Goldstone crystal.

The Wheel of Fortune (10) is good luck or destiny stepping in! This means your world is spinning for the better and big things are happening! YES! Your guides/angels/source/

universe/God/Goddess/ancestors is/are working in your favor and those efforts are divinely supported. Remember, this doesn't mean things are easy or will fall in your lap. For example, you can't become a successful anything sitting on the couch watching Netflix. You need to do something to harness the exciting energy of this great luck The Wheel of Fortune card offers.

Get focused and work hard. Do it now!!

And this card popped out with The Knight of Pentacles. This is often a card that promises abundance and success... but with the need for patience and persistence. Again, it's not going to come knocking at your door. Effort is required. You will need to be practical, apply your good sense, embrace stability, and allow your ambition to take the lead. This Knight understands the need to make dreams happen and paired with The Wheel, it means that everything is lining up for you. You just need to take action. This card can also speak about stubbornness and slow progress - does that apply to you?

Achievement oracle card: The flower is chago and is shown with a Puma, a small mountain lion type cat. Again, this card echos that your efforts will be rewarded, don't give up! You may need to embrace the power of cooperation. Groups, teams, or community will be required to get to the end of your journey. Teamwork will be part of your success. Be careful of quitting too soon. As they say, it's darkest just before the dawn.

Blue Goldstone crystal: This glittering beauty (though manmade and not a true "crystal") is known as the stone of ambition. Blue goldstone brings in the courage and power to attain your goals. Working with this stone encourages personal and professional ambitions, innovative ideas and self-acceptance. Some crystal healers feel this stone helps soothe overthinking and brings peaceful clarity to which ideas will work best. To work with Blue Goldstone, keep it near your workspace, in a pocket, or wear on a necklace that hangs over the heart chakra.

Decks used in this reading:

Smith-Rider-Waite Tarot as the Holographic Prophet Deck, art by Pamela Coleman Smith

Flowers of the Night Oracle by Cheralyn Darcy

My pretty floral tarot wrap by Moon Maiden Threads,

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