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December 2023 Collective Reading

Though it might start a little slow, or you may feel lonely, hold tight. December picks up the pace in your personal and professional worlds, and before you know it, you'll feel like your heart grew wings.

Remember, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need help of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor to a professional in medicine or therapy, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the help you need.

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Happy Holidays to those who celebrate!

Right now:

Under the handle shows you as you are in the world right now. You're showing up a little tired, maybe not quite operating at 100%. Directly under the handle you're represented as two tiny mice in the cup. It tells me that entering this month, you don't feel like you have a huge voice or a lot of focus.

Under the mice there's just scatter until we get to a bird perched on an apple. I consider birds to be lucky in my teacups. Despite the fact you might be experiencing some overwhelm or loss of direction early in December, stick with it, things are going to improve. The bird means you're going to find your way, and you're definitely going to end this month strong.

Apples can be trickier to read. The symbol of the apple has a lot of different meanings throughout different cultures and over time. One of them can be fertility. One of them can be nourishment, and one of them can be a trickster. It could literally mean eat more apples and take better care of your physical wellness (let's be honest, most of us could take this advice!). It could also be about deception.

I'm going to lean into this and say there's the possibility of a trickster. The apple is overlaying several other symbols. One is a set of parentheses. It's leading into the emotional sector and with it are two exclamation points and a division symbol. Something you don't predict is going to pull away from you this month. It's okay, let it go... This is absolutely for the best, even if you don't think so in the moment.

Emotional World:

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup, which rules the people in your life, and your feelings, there is one small bird perched, meaning good things are coming. Next there is a lot of scatter and emptiness. You might go into December feeling a little bit like there's nobody on your side or you're alone or you're wondering "who am I going to spend my holidays with?" Have faith ~ it is going to get better.

The very next symbol we meet is a bird lifting off in flight and then there's a basket of flowers. These are both positive aspects. They're small but things will start to turn around as you get through the month.

It's also possible that somebody traveling from afar, or somebody who moved into your area recently is going to bring a fresh wave of emotions. This person might be new or old in your life. Maybe a family member or pal coming for the holidays? I'm expecting this to be a good adventure for you. This person carrying their suitcase shows in the emotional sector of your cup two times. The first time they're attached to a large gateway structure.

The gateway is the beginning of something new. It's a big change for you and it looks like a solid, real change. The other thing attached to the gateway is a camel. The camel is actually holding up part of the gateway as if to say "You've endured a long time and this change that you desire is finally ready for you."

Underneath of that, there's a flow of emotion between you and the person who's visiting there. This time though, their appearance is about when they leave. At the end, there is a parting and they're riding away on a seahorse. The seahorse is a positive aspect and this might be some sort of masculine energy, a person who is a man or has a masculine role in your world. They showed up and offered you support through the holiday season.

Moving on, there's more space in the cup. You can look at this open space two ways. It could be time for you to rest, recover, recuperate as we had into winter. Or this could be time for new people and situations to show up in your emotional world ~ and the reality that you do in fact have space in your life for them!

With the next set of symbols, I'm wondering... is there somebody from the past that you really want to hear from, someone you're still waiting for? This is showing up as a candle burning next to an old-fashioned telephone and I mean a very old-fashioned telephone. I suspect you've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this person, for this connection, for a very long time. There's no further information about whether this is a romantic connection, former friend, or family member. My two cents: If you're waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from someone, and you never hear from them, that's also a response.

Sometimes, in letting go, we find our lightness and our magic comes back to us. I suspect this might be the case because just underneath is an Aladdin's lamp. Its magic flows onto a heart with wings!

Under the heart with wings there's a large grouping of symbols. I'm going to read this all together: first as you move through this quiet time earlier in the month and as you move through the transition with the gateway, good things are coming. Your heart is going to feel lighter. You feel more alive and you're going to approach the New Year with some renewed hope and optimism. This will translate into a much more positive emotional world! Under Aladdin's lamp, there's a woman with a large feather in her hair. She looks quite fancy and she's petting a dog. When I look at these symbols, I see nourishment. I see you taking care of the relationships and people that support you, no longer waiting around for someone that you may never hear from (and maybe that's just fine!). Attached to the heart is a windmill. You're accepting these positive changes. You're accepting good, supportive people and you're accepting the love you deserve. Attached to the windmill is the number six. Plan for the next 6 months to feel your heart continue to expand and see yourself accepting more and more healthy relationship and emotional offers.

What lies ahead?

At the back of the cup, is the column representing the future you're moving towards. There's a spider and open space. The spider overlaps the emotional side, too. I don't think of spiders as a negative, but they do bring a call to awareness. They represent the fears that you are not dealing with. It might be that you're afraid new relationships aren't going to work, or you could repeat past patterns.

The advice is to learn to trust yourself. Really learn not to listen to your fears, but to listen to your actual intuition, to know with your heart both what you want and what you see in front of you.

Interestingly, the whole back of the cup aside from the spider, is some scatter and completely open space, as if you're going through the month of December and into 2024 with an open mind. You're completely ready to accept what's coming. You're excited and making room for possibilities.

Your Material World:

We're on the material side of the cup now. This is your home, your stuff, your car, your job, your education, and it starts out with a pretty good sign. You are studying something you love. If you're not still in school, it doesn't matter. It could be that you're going to start reading something that will allow you to fix up your home! Even more likely, perhaps you are expanding your professional skills and you're going to upgrade your job.

These upgrades you're making, they matter. Right after them is an equal sign (=), as if the education = improvement. You're going to come through some confusion. You might not even understand why you want to study a new skill, a new language, to take a class in your profession, take an extra course at school, stay late to study, or go to the library. Whatever the case may be, follow those hunches! Stick with it. It's going to pay off.

It leads into an arrow that points to two connecting triangles. They are next to a bird and a house. Let me break that down for you. The house could be whatever new thing you're learning. It could lead to upgrading your home, moving into a new one, or simply upgrading to a better physical workplace. The bird means luck is on your side. You're definitely on the right path. You are moving forward in your profession or your education, and you're making the right choices. Finally, the two triangles are new opportunities coming in for your material sector. Whether it's about house, school, jobs, cars, etc., these are all upgrades. Sounds like you're going to finish the year on an upswing!

A word of caution, however, there is a bit of a blockage over top of all of this and half a skull. It tells me that you're still thinking about the past and those insecurities or experiences are pulling you back, making you hold back on any decision that might feel risky, different, or unfamiliar.

The next grouping shows two people coming to you with an offer and you're standing there with a question on your mind. You're just not sure. Is it the right way to go? Can you negotiate? Is it going to be okay? Should I take this offer? The past is holding you back. I'm going to invite you to consider: Are you thinking about the past? Are you thinking about how things didn't work out before, or something like "I tried something before and it didn't go well." It happens to us all! When you stop trying, that's when you fail.

Your cup is answering all of this in the form of a really big ghost carrying an ax. Your ghost is also wrapped up with a bow like a holiday gift. This is an invitation to cut ties with the past. The message is really clear and next to the ghost are a duck and another triangle.

Once you conquer your ghost, you let go old fears and insecurities about your material life, and new opportunities show up. They're coming in with a duck. In my teacup symbology ducks tell me you are capable, smart and you can get the job done. You have to believe that though! If you believe you deserve opportunities, this cup tells me they want to show up for you in December.

Moving back into the material sector, there's a lot of empty space and there's a lot of scatter. In my teacups scatter are confusion. It's you not knowing exactly what you want. At the moment, you might feel like you're just keeping up. As we go through December, there are a lot of things to attend. You have to end the year at work/school, you have to deal with holidays. All of the "stuff" in your material life is going to come into play.

That said, I encourage you sit down and think start sorting through all the scatter in your mind. Make time for yourself. There is a symbol of a person sitting in a chair, quietly thinking. On one side of them, there's a spinning top with a triangle starting to form. This means as you make decisions, change is going to come in fast. It's going to come in strong and you're going to be able to manifest the things you want.

Just pass this is the letter "s." It might not resonate for everybody, but "s" will be about a person, place, thing or situation in your material world if it's for you this month.

Beyond December:

In the bottom of the cup, we are looking forward, past the month of December. There are 3 symbols showing up. The largest one was a cascade of water with two people riding it. There was no boat! They're in the water. Going into January and 2024, you're going to experience a lot of fast-moving emotions. Things are going to start moving quickly. Keep your head above water! It doesn't look like a bad ride, but it does look like a wild one.

The other symbol is the woman with a feather in her hair. Again. She's repeating from the emotional side, so this might represent someone in your actual life. Perhaps a mom, a sister or aunt, a neighbor, a colleague, or friend. I suspect this person is stylish enough to wear feathers in their hair! Or the feather is linking them to the energy of the bird ~ to good luck! I like the idea this person is leading you towards things that are better for you. She's attached to the duck as well, bolstering it actually. She's lifting you up; but she's also attached to a small square. The square can be a little bit of stuckness that's touching both the woman with the feather and the apple that we saw in the very beginning.

The overall message of the month take the time you need and be prepared. You're going to learn a lot of new things. It's going to move you forward materially and it sure looks like there's going to be fascinating and very promising opportunities coming along in your emotional world, too!

I will never, ever reach out to you on any platform to offer you a reading. If you want a personal reading from me, please contact me .

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tasseography, tea reading, tarot or oracle cards, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals. Any action you take upon watching this video/reading this description is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tasseographer, tea leaf reader, tarot reader, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading. This is a general reading and may not resonate for all people.

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