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February 2023 Collective Tea Reading

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

It's another very active month with lots going on. February brings the promise of new collaborations, personal & professional growth, and major steps forward on your path. However there is the lurking shadow of your past...

Welcome to the Collective reading for February 2023. This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

Did you know you can watch me deliver this reading on video as well? Visit my YouTube channel to experience this guidance on video.

Starting under the handle, which represents you in the current moment, we meet a swimming shark. This is you! The shark tells me that you endured a lot of hardships, that you've met rough waters ~ and survived the storm. You're still swimming and it's a testament to your inner strength. Stop for a second and celebrate yourself. Yes, you!

Next we meet the skull of a bull. It could be an actual Taurus person, but more likely, this is your past bull-headedness. You're letting it go, you're moving into a new phase where you're willing to see other perspectives. It's time for this change ~ the bull is attached to two large mushrooms. This means that fast growth and change are really, really close. Get ready, it's happening!

The final aspect under the handle is the lovely scene of two people, working together, to plant seeds. This speaks first to the importance of teamwork (and being will to accept HELP when you need it, ahem), as well as the seeds you plant NOW which will come to fruition in the months ahead. So in whatever way makes sense to your path, get ready to lay foundation or get dirty planting seeds. This is a critical phase and will set you up for success.

Moving into the Emotional Sector of the cup, the first figure we meet is a person riding a rocket towards you! Hello there, new friend! This individual is going to impact your life with inspiration, motivation and excitement! Just what you need to get things moving this month.

The next aspect we meet is a more challenging grouping. There is a jellyfish hiding two triangles and two dogs on guard. Let's break it down. The jellyfish is quite beautiful, this may in fact be a person you already know and find dazzling. But they don't have your best interests at heart, I'm sorry to say. This person is all about themselves. They are hiding two new opportunities from you, things that could move you forward personally or professionally. This isn't a friend. And other people in your world see it, too. The two dogs represent two loyal, real folks trying to protect you from this set-back. Consider it, and look around with objectivity. Can you protect yourself from this treachery?

I suspect this interaction will give you some emotional pain or wariness. There's a large opening just after this happens. The cup is explaining that you will have the time and space to heal, as well as to reflect deeply on the value of various relationships in your life. Take this time, let your heart speak. There are busier times ahead and entering into them fully grounded with clear vision makes sense.

In the back of the Emotional Sector, a cloaked figure appears holding a basket. This is a behind-the-scenes person, who maybe doesn't even want a pat on the pat for their effort. They're bringing you some kind of assistance, a gift, an offering to lift you. The drawing looks a little like the Grim Reaper, but just so you know, it's not a Death vibe! Just artist interpretation. :)

Later this month, a friendly and enthusiastic friend arrives on a boat. This is someone coming to visit from far away (family, friend, co-worker), perhaps even somewhere tropical, and this is going to prove to be a wonderful visit! Alternatively, if you are heading on a tropical vacation (lucky you!), you're going to interact with a very helpful and upbeat person. The palm tree can also be speaking about victory after adversity. And I really see that in this cup. There's even a new triangle in this grouping! The person/travel is going to bring you a very real, very solid opportunity. Don't let this one slide past you!

The back column of the cup, directly across from the handle, has a fascinating tale of its own in this cup. A perched pelican tells me that you think to be happy and successful you must make lots of sacrifices. You must suffer. This is a learned behavior, though. I know that because there's a very large skull under the pelican and a small person curled up, hiding beneath the skull. This old belief pattern is appearing here because you can safely let it go... Yes, you can. If you step past the skull, there are flowers blooming! And there's yet another triangle with an eye attached to it ~ this means someone is already looking at you for a new personal or professional opportunity. But are you ready to rise to the occasion?

As a side note, letting go of old belief patterns can be challenging for everyone. It's only in movies where people get over them in 10 minutes. Be gentle with yourself and find the way that works for you to embrace new, uplifting and self-supporting empowerments. You may like journals, yoga, meditations, talking with a friend or if needed, find a professional to assist you. I promise, YOU are worth this time and effort to release your wonderful into the world. We all need more of that!

(More below the drawing...)

Starting on the Material Side of the cup, we see a huge 10. This is so large, it was the first thing I noticed when I turned this cup. It's a big flag waving for new beginnings! It's next to a large archway, this is the start of your new path. It can reflect into any part of your material life (job, education, community, home), and heralds good things.

This comes with two warnings. First, just under the arch, a turtle has meandered in with another skull. Seriously, friend, please, put the past to rest. If you choose to keep living in what's behind you, you're going to miss out on the life you can build in front of you! And the turtle tells me you're slow to let this old baggage go.

On top of the arch, a huge, bountiful oak tree grows! Eurekea! This means the seeds you've planted are growing, they're STRONG and the gates of possibility are wide open. However... a snoozy dragon is lounging under the tree. This tells me you have not embraced your true strength. You don't even see yet how much you are, how much you have to offer, and the incredible value you bring to the world. It's time. You need to stand up, shake out and be bold. If you don't believe me, just take a peek at the astrology for this month. We've got a Full Moon in fierce Leo and no planets retrograde. This is a very rare time. You're ready, embrace your inner dragon!

There's another reminder to watch your back, this time parallel to the jellyfish from the Emotional Sector, but showing up on the Material Side. This is an old-fashioned revolver (like in the wild west movies), a pair of sunglasses, and the letters C and I. Please look out for deception. The sunglasses tell me you simply don't want to SEE the truth before you. Maybe it's time to take an objective look at those affecting your material world.

From here on out, I have all happy news for February!

There's a large grouping going around the side of the cup and into the future. It's a parade, heading towards a dreamy castle. The dragon is up and on the move, escorting you, a second person, and two birds (lucky symbol!) onward to your new life! This is YOU, accepting help as you need it, and boldly stepping up to move towards the life you want to life in. Bravo!

Under that, another large mushroom: there's good change coming, and you're going to be thrilled about it, as the mushroom appears with a smiley face. There's a letter S in this grouping, too, which may resonate for some folks.

The last two items on the Material Side, a bird in a nest and a staircase. As we get beyond February, you still have not really opened your wings to fly. You are capable of much, much more than you believe. This nesting bird tells me you have greatness not yet tapped. And the staircase explains that... gulp... you will. You will be climbing upwards in months to come. I have to ask, why walk up the steps, when you can choose to fly on your magnificent wings?

At the bottom of the cup, for the distant future, there's a lot of tea but no shapes. This is a nudge to prepare. You're going to be VERY busy in this spring and a lot will be happening in all aspects of your life. Take this time to prepare for your future success!

See you again for March's reading!

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