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GO GO GO! Stuckness Lifts! August 2022 Collective Reading

You’re finally taking action! Under handle is a HUGE acorn, it’s enormous! You’re focusing on your own needs, well-being, and you’re making big steps towards setting goals and plans for a future more aligned with your dreams. GO GO GO! I’m so glad to see this. Under the acorn, a face is winking and a fish swims by. It means you’re also handling your emotions. Once again, way to go!

Moving into the Emotional Sector of the cup, there’s a martini glass with a cherry plopping into it next to a female handing a child something, all supervised by a perched eagle. The martini glass means you’ve reached a success point - it’s time to celebrate. Perhaps an older female in your world is congratulating you as well. The eagle is the King of the Sky and means you have shown courage in the face of challenge. Beneath them, Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead, appears next to a goat. Goats can literally be a Capricorn person or someone with the stubborn, determined traits of a goat. Anubis is here to escort this aspect safely to the other side - you can let the stickiness go. It’s time to move forward. A small figure celebrates this below. Woohoo!

The letter “u” shows up six times in this cup. You need to focus inward now, on yourself. Keep your own needs and dreams front and center because there’s a dark tunnel in the cup attached to a skull. This drama from the past is going to show up and try to drag you back. Walk away. An archer is here as well, a possible betrayal is cooking in your world. Be wary of false friends. One again, focus on you, not others, in the month of August.

Great stuff happening the back of this cup. A HUGE horse gallops in to bring good luck in work/education/career. As if this figure isn’t awesome by itself, it appears to be protected by a flying dragon and a wizard. Basically, keep reaching for your dreams. They WANT to come to you, you are supported!

In the Material Sector of the cup, a mushroom tells me you should expect fast changes. A person is trying to push it faster, but be patient. Mushrooms grow fast, and you have actions to take in your own work/education. I know this because there’s a hammer and a sewing machine with the mushroom - your spirit world is hard at work. Turn off Netflix & Instagram, and take the needed actions on your end. Put in the work to get the desired outcome for you!

Two inverse signs appear: a white doe and a ghost attached to a triangle. The white doe reminds you to handle your home/living situation with patience and kindness. Some struggles may come up, but if you practice active listening, it will help. A cat in the cup also speaks to things happening at home. The ghost is someone from the past showing up with an opportunity that might just turn you upside down. It’s not a bad thing, but exercise common sense and set strong boundaries with them.

Planning any late summer travel? Both an airplane and a camp tent appear in the cup. A brief getaway is supported at this time.

At the center of the cup, coming in the future, a pelican and a pi symbol (3.14). Pelicans are very capable birds and show fortitude and the ability to hold a lot. Pi speaks to infinity and transcendence. Basically, you’re on the right path, keep going!

Please note, this is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for guidance, please reach out.

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