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January 2023 Collective Tea Reading

As we start the New Year, you're poised for success! Don't quit in the middle of the race. To get to the end of this rainbow and collect the riches, you must keep going!

Welcome to the Collective reading for January 2023. This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

Did you know you can watch me deliver this reading on video as well? Visit my YouTube channel to experience this guidance on video.

Starting at the handle, this cup is a winner. Just a glorious reading, friends. You're showing up as a 3-D frog perched right by the handle. Frogs are about abundance, prosperity -- it tells me you're quite focused on your career/work/education life as we head into the New Year. And you're kicking butt! Really good things are starting to show from all your hard work.

There is some muck and insecurity showing up just under the frog. You're moving ahead and luck is on your side; you can stand to be a little bolder, to really take hold of your opportunities. By March, you're going to feel more solid. There's a 3 in a bracket. Just under that, a dinosaur with a flower on its head. Dinos are about someone from the past, about doors-not-closed, and in this case, it's a good thing! This person, perhaps on your mind, is coming back around and has happy news to share with you. Bravo!

Heading into the Emotional Sector, there is some initial blockage. Chances are you've been slow to move into new relationships, or grow existing ones. But more good news. The first three symbols to show up are a bird, a cat, and the same dino. Birds are ascendants. This is someone coming to lend a hand and lift you up. Cats are about home and this kitty is grounded and happy. Count on home life to be supportive. Finally, the person from the past: this individual is going to play a role going forward and certainly in January. Consider accepting their good will.

Next a female figure holding a "U" - a female identifying person has got ahold on you. How you handle this is up to you; perhaps it's a good thing, like a beloved friend, family member or partner. Under her, an eye emerges from the scatter. Remember, scatter in a cup is confusion, so I don't think you even know that someone has their eye on you. It doesn't feel creepy, though. This seems like someone watching from afar, considering the best moment to offer you an opportunity.

There's a heart, another 3 and a "?" in the next grouping. A new love situation (any kind of love) might happen in 3 weeks or 3 months. But you're not sure about it. Listen to your intuition. You have to trust yourself. Either way, you've got what it takes to make this happen. A huge dragon carrying a basket appears next to the heart. Dragons are big energy, representing all 4 elements. Raw power. And the basket means that the personal resources you need will show up when you step into your power.

In fact, you feel like driving forward professionally this month. You are laboring at a desk with a squirrel on it. You want to work/study/make steps in your career. And the message of the squirrel is to hold onto those nuts and seeds, conserve your plentiful resources, so you have enough to last through the winter. Waste not, want not.

The final sector in the Emotional side is honestly fascinating. A masculine figure reaches in from the outside of the cup to lend a hand. Perhaps a guardian angel, an ancestor, a passed love one, or spirit guide is stretching through the ether to help. Can you ask for more? Wait - yes, yes you can! This figure is attached to an inverse dog's form. Dogs are always loyal, devoted friends. The guardian is really on your side and ready to bring you forward. And now is the time, as the last symbol in this area is wheat growing inside parentheses. It means that your work is paying off. All those seeds you planted are growing underground and will soon break from the soil. Like I said, all good things!

The back column of the cup is the future and is packed with goodness as well! First, you're greeted by a dog in a bow tie. This person will show up in your life and bring lasting, grounded friendship. Or you may get an actual new canine companion in January! Next, the number 11 and a triangle with a square locked inside it. 11 is not only considered an angel number, but also a number of great power, potential. and luck in numerology. Ahem. There are TWO 11's in this cup. Just sayin. Triangles are new opportunities flowing your way, but the square means you may have concerns it will lock you down too much. Again, you know what's best for you.

At the bottom of the column, a telephone. This person will reach out with the opportunity. I suspect it may come in from a distance, as there is a traveler just next to the phone. A person with a walking staff and backpack, dressed in a winter coat. They look and feel like they have travelled a long way to bring you this opportunity. Again, only you know what's best for you.

And finally, an ANGEL that shows on the inside and outside of the cup! If you wondered, doubted, pondered ~ YES you are being divinely guided on your path. There is no time like NOW to learn to trust your intuition and listen carefully for the guidance from your ancestors, angels, guides, God, Goddess, higher power, source, universe ~ whatever you choose as faith/the unknown.

Keep going, too. The last future symbol tells me that your ship WILL come in, but it's still quite far back on the horizon. Don't quit now, just keep plugging away, powered by the beauty of your dreams. You really are on the right path, and in the next few months, your ships are coming in!

Moving to the Material Sector in the cup, again there is initial stuckness. It shows up as literal blockage and then as headphones around an anchor. Basically, you don't want to listen to the truth of your material situation. You know for sure something is holding you back. You need to acknowledge it and understand that if you don't take action, action will be taken for you. Here's how I know.

The next two symbols are a bat and the second 11. The bat has come to carry away the past. The 11 reminds you of your power, destiny, and good fortune. And then a windmill, showing next, will turn as winds of change blow forward. A ship is on the ocean, heading your way as well. Perhaps that opportunity I mentioned, coming in from afar.

Change is coming and it's time to step into your greatness, your special genius. (Yes, YOU!) Beneath that a remarkable feminine figure who resembles Artemis or Diana, Goddesses of the Hunt (and much more), stands poised with bow and arrow, and the number 8 in her hair. While I think the 8 is a personal message, this is a strong, unwavering symbol. You must step into your power and own your unique gifts and talents.

Let's be honest, not everyone is going to be happy for you. When someone is stuck in the muck, they like to share misery with others and just such a person is showing up . They will be associated with your material life, appearing as a huge centipede that's clasping a crushed human figure and the letter "U" - this doesn't look good. Someone out there doesn't have your best interests at heart. And you might not see them coming, as there's a mask just behind them. I strongly feel this is the anchor I saw earlier, the thing holding you down that you don't want to acknowledge. Please, for your own good, know when to let go of toxic people.

Despite the centipede in a mask, this is a VERY upbeat and optimistic to start the year! Wishing you well as we move into 2023!

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