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January 2024 Collective Tea Leaf Reading

Updated: Jan 2

Welcome to 2024! It's the new year by most folks' calendar and I have a reading to get you started. Early in the month, communications are emphasized, and for those looking, a new romance is possible! Exciting opportunities are coming, but you have to be willing and able to make room in your life for more.

Remember, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need help of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor, to a professional in medicine, therapy, finaces, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the help you need.

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Right now:

Under the handle shows you as you are in the world right now. There's a telephone and the letter U. Communication is emphasized and great things are coming. In fact, this cup is full of opportunity and new beginnings, not just for the calendar year but in all aspects of your world.

Underneath the telephone, there's a dog carrying a harvest of wheat. During the beginning of this month you're going to receive the outcome of a project. Either an emotional or real-life physical project reaches a satisfying conclusion. This feels like something is coming back to you, something that you previously put out into the world and now is coming to fruition.

The largest symbol underneath the handle is the head of a turtle and it is overlaid with a person carrying an old fashioned candle as well as a fish. This turtle is actually talking. Its mouth is open and once more, it is communicating. This symbol is about something that has been extremely slow moving. So if you have a personal, health, or home project, something that you've been working on, it is moving into the front burner and things are going to speed up. The woman carrying the candle brings illumination forward. The knowledge you sought to make this work is finally front and center, and the fish, which can represent both emotions and money, is bringing the resources necessary to get it done!

Emotional World:

Moving into the Emotional Side of the cup, which rules the people in your life, and your feelings, the first symbol we meet is the letter C overlaid by a waxing crescent moon. Using that as a time marker, the waxing crescent in January happens around January 13, 14, 15. In that time frame, be on the lookout for the letter C: a name, place, thing or an event.

Next there's a figure standing with an ax and a triangle. For the new to come along, you're going to have to cut ties with some old things that no longer serve your best interest. This figure is very thoughtful. They're using their discernment and are absolutely ready to pick up that ax and cut away what they don't need. And the good news -- attached to that big triangle is a gateway and two more triangles! This is fantastic!

Early in the month, as you make room and clean out, and let go of the things and people that are no longer working with or for you, the space is going to be filled by new opportunities, people, and situations that are very exciting. They're going to really help you level up. To drive home this point, there's a person standing underneath this whole exchange with an arrow pointing at it. When new opportunities are happening and you have to decide between holding on to something old and bringing in something new, remember to really consider what's best for your goal, growth, and well-being. Make the best choices, because more fantastic everything is right down the road this month!

For those looking, there is an opportunity for a new romantic relationship. Two people are dancing. It's sort of a swirly, tango-y kind of dance and it's very romantic and sexy. Attached to it, a triangle .This person is going to come along soon. You might not see them right now, and suddenly you'll realize there is an opportunity for a new partnership, or maybe an upgrade within the one you are already have.

The next symbol is a large moth. It is bringing about transformation, and very specifically, change that comes from the end of another part of your journey. This moth has an arrow pointing upward, onward. The moth's message: move strong into this new year!

Next, there's a little blockage and underneath a very interesting and somewhat complicated exchange between two people. The first figure is the larger of the two, and is holding up a spider on one hand. On the other side, this figure is reaching out a hand to the other person; between them, an acorn and a sword. It could very well be that someone who you want to help you is balancing a lot right now. They already have the spider in one hand and they're the kind of feel like they're juggling.

That said, they really want to reach out to you and offer the assistant you need. They understand that the help you're asking for--or the help they want to give--is what's going to assist you in creating that next new level. The big concern in all this is that the sword could sever this relationship. Sword can represent any sort of disagreement, bad feeling, bad blood, or anything that's not being communicated clearly and with purpose.

The other symbols sitting with this large exchange is a teapot. It's encouraging you to sit down and fully explain your intention as you're talking to this person (or any people in your life). Make it known exactly where you stand exactly, what you're going after, and in your emotional world that's definitely going to be about relationships. Be clear up front about what you're willing to give, what you're able to give, and what you're hoping to receive or grow.

The next thing we encounter is a heart next to a scorpion. The heart is definitely about someone you love. A scorpion can be literally translated as a Scorpio person. If that resonates for you, take it, but a scorpion can also be translated as a deception. You may have to protect your heart from a deception. In this same exchange there is a wall around part of the heart, literally protecting it from the scorpion.

As we move towards the end of the month, there's a huge whirlwind of change. All of these new things coming at you! People are going to be surprised. It's almost like they don't even know you anymore. So many changes have arrived. There's another arrow pointing at a face of surprise, as if you, yourself, are surprised at how far you will come this month and how many things are going to line up in your favor.

Just below all that, the letter U is starting to form on top of a bridge. On the other side of the bridge, a large raven. As you're going across the span of January you are arriving in a completely new place. The raven will welcome you. I consider the raven to be a very lucky sign. This is the animal that bridges the spirit world and the physical world. It means you are on your path. Things are going to go well. Continue to follow your heart.

What lies ahead?

At the back of the cup is the column representing the future you're moving towards. There is a little bit of scatter. Change means confusion. Even positive change can harbor some fogginess as you go through this month. Be okay with it, go with the flow.

Past January, there's a person riding a huge sea monster. It's kind of cool. It's almost like you're surprising yourself. You didn't realize that you could conquer something as huge and monstrous as this sea creature, but you're on its back. You're cutting through the water and you are in your power. Underneath the letter L which may be associated with a person place, thing, or event past the month of January.

Below that, two "!" -- it's like Wow, I can do this. There's so much going on, but you've got it under control and you're moving forward.

At the base of this column there's an animal digging in the dirt. As you get past February, you're going to need to continue to keep digging. Really dig into what it is you want in your life, perhaps excavate old ideas whose time has come. You may find yourself looking through old journals or boxes. You'll find old file or notes on your desktop. Some of those ideas, the time has come to make them happen!

Your Material World:

We're on the material side of the cup now. This is your home, your stuff, your car, your job, your education,

The first thing we see is a person constructing a new gateway. They're illuminated by a street lamp and looked over by a rabbit. Just underneath, it's attached to another huge triangle. You are forging your path onward and I don't think you're particularly worried about demons from the past, because they're showing up under your feet as three teeny-tiny dinosaurs. Whoever these three people or situations were, you've pretty much left them behind and it doesn't look like you're worried about taking them with you going forward. Bravo! Finally leaving the past in the past and taking good care of you.

Next we see stability. There's a large square forming and it's attached to the turtle, as if you've been working a long time on creating stability and foundation for your material world. Now in January 2024, you're seeing it come to life. It's becoming real at last and you are going to have such a great sense of pride and happiness in these results.

Moving into the middle of the material side , there are several very large, very fierce creatures. Let's go first with that great big dragon. It's showing up flying, truly exercising all of its power. There's no stronger animal in my teacup symbology.  This dragon is landing right on top of the material side of the cup. You are going to be on top of things this month with your home, car, education, job, and/or business. It does have a heart. Even if you're boldly or somewhat aggressively going after your goals, you're doing it with great love.

Just at that dragon's tail is another dragon. It's holding the letter U in its mouth. You are these dragons. Between the dragons are three complete circles. They are small and very faint. Three things are going to finish for you. This could be home projects or something at work, something at school, but look for three things to reach a final state in January.

Underneath the larger dragon and sharing space with it is a blue jay. Blue Jays are magnificent. colorful birds. In the part of the world where I live, the Mid-Atlantic of the United States. we see a lot of blue jays, especially during winter. In native lore of this region, blue jays are about change to come. This is a yet another sign that big changes are on the way in your material world. The blue jay is touching both a heart and another square, so it's bringing forward changes you're going to like, and they're going to create more foundation and stability for you.

It's possible the blue jay's changes won't be complete in the month of January. Look for this to take a bit longer, but to be worth the effort. Just past the heart are three ocean waves. The number three showing up in the cup once more! The three ocean waves are flashing into the heart and they are accompanied by the letter U. You are going to feel emotional about the changes in your material. Try be with it, embrace it, and allow it as these waves come crashing over you. Remember, sometimes change is happening for you.

A squirrel visits next. This is not my usual squirrel. This one is looking over its shoulder. This is a symbol of caution as you go forward in your material world. Especially towards the end of the month, spend conservatively and make wise decisions with all of your resources. The squirrel is about holding on to your nuts and seeds as necessary.

By this sqirrel's foot is a butterfly. All these changes are going to end up feeling absolutely beautiful, even if they're a little awkward during the process. The butterfly represents a complete change and as you reach the end of the month, you might start to see this coming to light.

The last two symbols showing up on the material side are an upside down horse, running rapidly towards you, and a black sheep. The horse is another sign of rapid change, however, this one is topsy turvy. Something's probably going to come cruising along very quickly, and if you're not quite sure about it, trust your feelings. If something's just not adding up the way it's supposed to, like you know, an up side down the horse, consider whether it'sbest for you.

The black sheep shows up to remind you to be yourself. When it comes to matters of your profession, education, and home, show up as you. Be authentic. There's really no point going into a situation where you can't be yourself. So be awesome, individual you!

Beyond January:

In the bottom of the cup, we are looking forward, past January. The letter U (you) is reaching a crest, rising upward and onward. From the looks of this cup, it's going to be a very positive spring. There is yet another crescent moon, as if more things are coming within the phase marked by a future crescent moon (Check moon phases here). You're going to continue to rise. Just be sure to stay true to yourself and stick to that path towards are most authentic dream life.

The overall message of the month: You're going to continue to rise. Stay true to yourself, keep releasing what you don't nee, and stick to that path towards your most authentic dream life.

My handcrafted Peace Crane earrings from the videos are from ArtCraft shop in Savage Mill in Maryland, by artist Shawnee Holmberg. Please note, I do not sell earrings myself.

I will never, ever reach out to you on any platform to offer you a reading. If you want a personal reading from me, please contact me.

Legal Disclaimer: No form of divination, including tasseography, tea leaf reading, cartomancy, tarot, or oracle cards, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals watching this video. Any action you take upon watching this video is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tasseographer, tarot reader, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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