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March 2023 Collective Reading

It's time for another collective reading as we move into March and the bursting energy of spring. It's also my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yes, I'm a Pisces (are you even surprised?) and I want to wish a happy birthday to any other pixies out there reading this. This month's cup was one of the fullest I've seen in a long time. It has a lot of guidance, so let's get into it.

This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for specific-to-you intuitive guidance, please reach out.

Did you know you can watch me deliver this reading on video as well? Visit my YouTube channel to experience this guidance on video.

Starting under the handle, which represents you in the current moment, we find a U and an apple. It tells me that you're feeling more confident and you KNOW that you already have all the knowledge you need to move forward with all aspects of your life. The apple can also mean you should consider adding more fresh fruit and veg to your diet ~ take it if it resonates with you. Only you know what best fuels your body.

Under that, a sad bulldog shows up with a ? ~ this is a very specific dog. Do you have or know a bulldog? Otherwise, dogs are about loyalty. You're questioning whether your loyalty in a person or situation has been misplaced. Before you make any rash judgements, it's a good practice to step back, take a deep breathe and look at things from all angles. This is a theme repeated in the cup this month.

Moving into the Emotional Sector - just - WOW - can you be any busier? There's barely a spot on this cup that isn't packed with tea. But you're forging ahead, really working hard, and getting things done. It's impressive. An arrow in the tea points the way onward. Below that, the face of a witch. She's smiling, not a "bad sign," and her message is that you are using your own magic. You've reached the place you feel great trusting your intuition and it's serving you well.

For some folks, the letter H may link to a person, place, thing, or event. It's showing up here in the cup. Next, two mushrooms: expect two factors in your emotional world to experience fast growth or change soon.

Another warning appears. Two serpents bring LOTS of fiesty fire energy. It's almost unmanageable, it seems. One of the serpents has brought someone literally to their knees with fire. If you're the serpent, remember to check your temper. Anger can be a destructive force, like a wildfire in a relationship. Once again, maybe take a step back before you act in anger.

Eureka~ two amazing things are happening next! There are two people, cooperatively holding up a triangle. This is a new opportunity (often triangles are situations in career or education), and it's a partnership that's working. Nestled in next to it, a huge white wolf. This is a very magical animal with historic and spiritual meanings all over the world. Wolves bring many messages... community, leadership, safety and specific to the white wolf, peace or inner peace. I think this might be a protector or spirit animal showing up this month.

In the back of the Emotional Sector, more good stuff. A large flaming heart! Yep, that's a lot of passion rolling in on flames. You're going to be, overall, really happy with loads of energy in March, especially as we move into Aries in two weeks. There's a T in the heart, if that initial means something to some of you, as well as a sweet little smile. For the first of 2 times, the number 4 comes up as well. More in a second on that.

The rear column of the cup, your perceived future, is quite packed as well. A mask on fire - yes, more fire! - tops the grouping. Masks are about not seeing people or situations as they truly are, but considering that this mask is burning to ashes, the take-away is that you ARE finally going to see reality. Showing up and seeing truth can be challenging, but you're ready and confident to face it. There's a huge vulture with an eye showing up next. Vultures only appear when you're truly ready to put the past behind you. They come to help clean up the mess of past pain. Another fortunate animal ally for you. The eye tells me you are divinely guided in this release.

The final figure in the back is an approaching flying saucer! UFOs could mean you're considering something to do with space (trip to an observatory or telescope?) but much more likely, something from a long distance is on the way. A friend or family member from far off is coming to see you; or maybe it's a new opportunity for work, education or inspiration arriving from a distant land.

(More below the drawing...)

Starting on the Material Side of the cup (home, job, education), there's a 12. This is a number whose meaning has to do with great achievement after very hard work. You've been at it and and at it - you're doing the work and soon, you will reap the rewards. But only if you can play nice with someone.

The next grouping is large. Two ghosts (one male and one female) engaged in an argument. The body language is intense and there's a goal post in the back, but nothing is moving towards it because the two figures are at odds. Ghosts mean this is something old, some old grudge or a person you have butt heads with. You're BOTH going to need to cooperate and work together or neither of you will reach the goal. As if it could get more obvious, the white wolf reappears, shouting from the edge of the cup. Remember his message: work together with the pack and you will do more, go further, be safer. Also, the message of peace. Under all this is the number 4. Generally in numerology, this is a call to be pragmatic, stable and cooperative.

It's all worth it, though. If you can cool the fires enough to collaborate and cooperate, there's a ladder waiting to lead you up, up, up ~ to a heart and another triangle. Yes! This new phase or job or situation will be worth patching up the past because you're going to LOVE it. At the end of the Material Side, a still, peaceful pond with a large frog. This is a happy place, with calm emotions. And abundance! Frogs are about all sorts of new abundance hopping along towards you, including money.

The final symbol in the cup is a windmill in the bottom. It's not positive or negative. It's simply a heads up that winds are blowing. Change is coming and you cannot stop it.

See you again for April's reading ~ next month, look for my first collective smoke reading, too!

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