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November 2022 Collective Reading: Overthinking vs. Action

Welcome to the Collective reading for November 2022. This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for intuitive guidance, please reach out.

You’re showing up as a 7; in numerology this is about introspection, quiet reflection. But hang on because this month the pace picks up in every aspect of your life. Under the handle is a small cat on the prowl, a unicorn, an alligator, a person at work, a fancy bird and a party dress. Feel busy AF yet? You will very soon.

Moving into the Emotional Sector, we meet a large dog in a top hat just near a motorcycle. It means a good, loyal friend is ready to go out on the town. There’s a triangle there, too—could there be an additional chance for romance or a career connection? Get on up and get out there!

There’s another seven next to a fish with a question mark. You’re really in your head. Maybe you’re overthinking every step of your path? You might want to do more research about new people, as there’s a person sitting and reading a book. Let me be the first to encourage you: action creates the feeling. This cup wants you to get after it!

Someone is really observing you. It doesn’t feel creepy, it feels like an exciting opportunity. As in, you’re being considered by an individual who can offer you a piece of the puzzle. A big piece. There could be a chance meeting, as there’s a person in a rocket about to crash into the huge eye in the cup. You’re literally going to walk into this situation. Dust off that top hat!

I mentioned romance because there’s a U with a heart. You love what’s happening in your emotional world in November. Ultimately though, you may feel a time-crunch with everything happening. There’s an hourglass near a person kneeling and looking into a ? about the future. Oh—and a rose. This feels like a possible romance or the next step with current lover.

Much like the last two months, the number three is showing up repeatedly. There are 5 threes. Be aware of 3’s: where you see them, and in time. Perhaps check the numerology, too.

On the Material Side, you have shed the past and a new job/education opportunity is forming. It’s a BIG change and a very good one. Don’t get into overthinking again and miss this! There’s a big triangle and windmill sitting together! WOW!

Some blockage shows up on the backend of your material world. Once again, you have the 7, with two frowny faces and a deflated heart balloon. Be wary of something in your home or work which you once loved, it might lose its luster. Bringing up the back of the cup, the silhouette of a male person next to a goat head and the number 8. This (possibly stubborn?) person may show up just in time to move things forward, from 7 to 8, so to speak.

At the the bottom of the cup, you’re focused on the new opportunity, which has really firmed up, so if it’s in love or work, this is a solid offer and the mushroom tells me things are going to grow quickly for you!

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