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Be BRAVE & face the PAST: September Collective Tea Reading

The ghosts are early (didn't they get the memo that they are due in October?) This year, the past is arriving to haunt you in September.

Look for old patterns, fears, insecurities and even material world challenges to REAPPEAR from the past. But this month you are called to rise up and face these shadows. From the glimpses in the cup, I'd say the rewards for handling your demons will be quite positive in the months to come.

That said, always tend to your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you need help of any kind, from a writing journal, to a friend, to a spiritual counselor to a professional in medicine or therapy, PLEASE and ALWAYS seek the help you need.

Prefer to watch this on YouTube? Here's the link.

Right now:

Under the handle, which represents you in your current state is a soaring bird. The bird's not very big, but it's telling me you are actively pursuing the things that are important to you. Right now, life is in motion and you are taking steps forward.

The next two symbols overlap, there's a large strawberry and the letter c. The letter c might represent your initial or someone/something close to you. If not, let's go with this strawberry. It's a big, juicy, ripe strawberry and it's all about new beginnings and reconciling the past reconciling. The past is definitely going to be a theme in September!

At the bottom of the column is a doe. She is here to remind you to really listen to your heart. Come from a place of true intention. As you go forward in September, there might be a few tricky spots to navigate to be perfectly honest. However, the doe wants to remind you she offers spiritual protection and she wants you to go forward listening to your heart.

Emotional World:

Getting into the emotional side of the cup, that large letter c we encountered has a face. This is a face of someone who is absolutely exhausted. They're tired out. In fact, their tongue is hanging out, and rest is crucial. But I wonder... are you in a place to rest? Are you allowing yourself to get rest? Are you even able to rest?

The next symbol we see, mixed in with a bunch of scatter and confusion, is a crab. This is someone in your world. They have an emotional impact on you and they are definitely a bottom feeder. You no longer need this person and it's time to say goodbye.

Just beyond that, you're going to be rewarded for letting go of these things/people you no longer need. There's a mushroom signifying more new beginnings. More change to come! Underneath all of those, a wrench It's time to do more work. I do hope you allowed yourself to get that rest when you needed it early in the month. Perhaps over the holiday weekend in the United States, because let's be real, this wrench is telling me there's a lot of work to do.

Immediately after the wrench is a pattern of nine. Nine is a very significant number. It means a cycle is complete. This is not an ending, but just the very next beginning. Once more, you are being called to let go of the past and to move forward and if there was any doubt about that, if there was any question in your mind that in September you are going to be seriously called on to reconcile with your past and let go, I'd like to introduce you to the biggest dinosaur I've ever seen in a cup. Ever.

This enormous dinosaur is standing on a wobble board. One of those boards that's got a half a ball on under it and kind of makes you feel unsteady and off balance. It's no coincidence that the dinosaur on the wobble board , with a lit torch show up together. It is an unusual grouping to be sure, so let's break it down. Dinosaurs are always about things from the past that you haven't released, or that aren't fully resolved.

As we go into September, there are multiple planets in retrograde. This is the time to go back and sort out the past. It's showing up much bigger on the emotional side of your world. Basically, this dinosaur is walking away from you. He's leaving you and heading into the past permanently. What that means is, it's time for you to reconcile all of the stuff from the past, from your emotional world, from your heart. It's time to let go of old resentments, things that you just haven't said. Even if you can't say them to someone, it's time to write them out in a journal. The wobble board is pretty interesting. I don't see a lot of wobble boards in teacups, but it's telling me that clinging to the past emotionally is creating instability. Your insecurities are being carried over from the past and are really throwing you off balance.

Let's talk about the fire energy in this grouping. Fire is pure power. It is absolutely unadulterated energy, fuel to move forward. What it means: once you let go of this giant piece of the past, you're going to move forward quickly.

You're going to attain all the wisdom that's showing up in the next symbol, which is an owl. You'll feel so much wiser, so much relief, so much completion once you go through this release. The owl is perched right now, it's not in flight, but it's waiting. It's waiting to show you the way forward with greater wisdom, with the learned lessons. Take a moment, breathe and then address those things that have been slowing you down. If for you this feels difficult, I encourage you to seek help, whether it's just an understanding friend, writing in a journal or even the help of somebody like a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, etc.

Going forward, having incorporated your lessons will give you an incredible amount of strength that you can only imagine right now! One of the most fascinating pieces about this cup is that once we get past the dinosaur, there's no more scatter! It's almost as if your mind clears. And wow, doesn't that feel great?

There are a few other little symbols floating around on the side of the cup. A small sailboat... Unless you yourself are a sailor and this is a literal symbol for you, this means that something/someone from far away is making their way towards you in September. I think it's a good thing, a positive visitor.

What lies ahead?

We get to the very back edge of the cup right across from the handle. There's an anchor. There are times when an anchor can imply stuckness however, in this case the anchor is about stability. The anchor means that you are grounded. You are safe, solid. You have a good foundation now to move forward. So just underneath the anchor, there's a woman in an old-fashioned dress walking towards the material side and attached to her skirt is the letter c again. If this letter c is for you, it tells me that it's going to be continuing onward with you through the month and into the future. I think the woman is saying that in the future, you're going to be able to focus more on your material world, having already addressed the issues in your emotional life. You can get on with home, job, car, or education.

Your Material World:

Now we're moving into the material side of the cup. The side is about your job, your education, your money.

It starts off with a lot of scatter. It's confusion. It's you not being sure the direction you want to go with some of the aspects of your physical world. There is a butterfly. I think a butterfly is a great sign, it means that you've come through a complete change, however isn't always comfortable, change can be hard. Under the butterfly is a razor. Their things once more you have to cut away and let go of.

Because dinosaurs seem to be the theme of September, I've got another one for you!This is a much smaller dino and again it's facing a way from you. This is about the past becoming part of the past, truly, because it's showing up in your material world. I'm going to encourage you. Is there any physical part of your world that you can release? Maybe you could donate it away. Take it to a resale shop.

Alternatively, I invite you to consider if this is about your job or education. Is there some part of that which is begging to be left behind?

Next, an eagle! The eagle is about freedom and manifesting your dreams. This is a super strong, powerful protective symbol. It is important in cultures around the world and I encourage you let go of the things that you don't need. Something way better is just waiting to come in on the other side!!

As we keep moving we encounter three dots again. Remember they were on the emotional side, stacked up as the nine. Here it's just the three. This is a number inviting you to look for more creative solutions. As you're pondering the things in your material world, go ahead and look a little bit outside of the box or outside of your usual.

The next grouping is a triangle, a chili pepper, and a person studying at their desk. These three things together are a really exciting opportunity. It's going to light you on fire with all the heat of a chili ~ but you're going to have to either learn a new skill, get some kind of certification, education, or training to move forward with it. I'm sure this is going to be a very exciting opportunity and completely worth your time and energy to get the new training. Go head, level up.

The second biggest symbol in the cup appears now. It is a swimming fish skeleton. I read fish on the material side to be about money. During September, you may be visited by the ghost of financial decisions past. This could be good or bad, depending on your past financial decisions. This fish...honestly it has a bit of a spooky feeling around it. The advice is to resolve whatever past financial decisions you've made. If they weren't good or in your best interest, now is the time to sort it out. If they were good, it very well could be that now is the time to start collecting.

There's a bit of confusion in the wake of the skeleton fish showing up as scatter. I think everything is going to be just fine ~ there's an acorn growing there. Acorns are about the beginning of new opportunities and there have been several similar symbols in this cup. The acorn, the butterfly, the strawberry, the number nine ~ all showing up to remind you that as one cycle completes, the next one begins

Behind the acorn is a mitten. This is a cute fluffy winter mitten and here to let you know you will be protected from things coming at you. After you spend September dealing with dinosaurs and skeleton fish, and everything that they symbolically mean, you might feel a little raw, a little cold. The mitten is here to let you know there is warmth and you are safe.

The last symbol showing up are two people talking next to an ! In the material world, this means there's a negotiation or collaboration ahead of you. Look for this towards the end of the month. It's being drawn as special and if you've spent September taking care of your dinosaurs and skeleton fish, this is going to be an excellent opportunity!

Beyond August:

In very bottom of the cup. we're looking at time beyond September, and things are stacking up to be really great. There's a huge heart, a horse, a tea kettle, and a cook pot. The heart first. It's love!! People and things you love are coming towards you. The horse means these things that you want, the people that you're longing for, they're on the way and they're coming rapidly towards you.

I actually read cook pots and tea kettles fairly similarly; they both mean good things are brewing for you.

The big takeaway this month is to deal with everything from the past that you can. Whether it is emotional, material, or financial. Now is the time to mop up the old messes, clean out the old closets, and throw light into the old shadows. Bravery is the call of September as you go forward. Take good care of yourself. Do the best you can with these calls to action from September,and remember that no matter what kind of help you need that it's okay and a good thing to ask for it.

Legal Disclaimer:

No form of divination, including tea leaf reading or tasseography, is a substitute for needed professional services. Please note that I, Rissa Miller, am not a therapist, financial advisor, lawyer, realtor, medical doctor/nurse, guidance counselor, or psychologist. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, real estate, or financial advice. Readings posted on this website are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of medical/professional advisors. Divination is a highly personal art form and may not apply to all individuals. Any action you take upon reading this is your own responsibility and yours alone. No tarot reader, tasseographer, or divination artist can guarantee full accuracy of any reading.

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