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Year of the Water Rabbit: Collective Reading

In the pantheon of Chinese astrology, we are about to begin the Year of the Water Rabbit. People born in the Year of the Rabbit were born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975 (that's me!), 1987, 1999, 2011, or in the current 2023. The Rabbit is considered the luckiest of all Chinese years, and those born under this sign are usually gentle, kind, easy-going, and calm. They thrive in many different careers, and are known to be responsible and sincere in business.

We're also in a Water year, which represents the need for both agility and eloquence in all dealings. Attention to detail and decision-making is advised,

Living in a Water Rabbit year can bring forth all the characteristics of the sign: cleverness, prosperity, optimism, creativity, flow, and calm. Legend holds that earth green and ocean blue will be lucky colors to wear this year, and if you want to attract wealth in 2023, be sure to eat some spring rolls or dumplings on January 20-22. Oh and don't forget the oranges for a full and prosperous year, or long noodles for health and longevity!

To kick off the Year of the Rabbit, my personal zodiac year, I decided to do a quick collective reading. Please note, Tarot cards were invented in Italy are not traditionally Asian (I did use two decks by Asian creators), but I am not familiar with IChing or casting dominoes, which are both more customary Chinese divination methods. This is not any type of attempt to culturally appropriate this holiday, its history, or any specific tradition. I have the greatest respect for the Lunar New Year and all customs around the Chinese New Year celebration. Please take/leave my reading as it feels right for you.

You can also watch this reading on YouTube, if you like!

Overall Feeling for the Year of the Rabbit:

Two of Cups and Signs Oracle

The Two of Cups is setting you up for a terrific year ahead. In all contexts, this is a positive sign. It's a card about partnerships, not just in love but it can be that too, but also in family, community and business/education. And I'm not talking casual collabs in any of it - this is about real connection. The kind of people and situations that are about mutual respect, harmony, and integrity. In a general reading, this implies that a good year ahead, overall, and a great deal of balance in your emotional life. Be ready to cooperate with others in 2023. It can also mean to be on the lookout, as golden opportunities might just show up for you.

The Signs card assures you that you are on the right path and the future is going to unfold for you. Be sure, once again, to listen to your gut and pay attention to signs as they are presented to you. These signposts in life are happening for a reason, and showing up to offer direction. If you follow the signs, confusion will disappear.


Nine of Swords and Difficult Times Oracle

Let's be honest, no one likes to see the Nine of Swords. This is a "groan" card in most readings, but I invite you to see it in context. I often read this as the card of "crying yourself to sleep over your problems." In this deck and in the position of this reading, the Nine of Swords is telling us that you are fixating on your obstacles. When we stare and stare at the negative in life --instead of taking action for solutions--it can become stressful and overwhelming. This is an invitation to figure out why you are juggling all these swords and if it might be possible or even healthy, to put some of them down in 2023. This is a classic "fear" card and as applied to all obstacles in a year, I wonder if it signaling overthinking and obsession. Because it can be a card of insomnia, if that applies to you, please seek appropriate medical assistance for that challenge.

The Difficult Times card states that being on your guard against chaos and unexpected peril is the best way to be prepared for the messiness that may follow. The Year of the Rabbit is lucky, but rabbits are also prey animals. They are always listening and watching for a predator in their environment. You could consider the same tactic, watchfulness, but at a level that still allows for health-supporting mental, emotional, and physical rest needs.

How to Solve Your Challenges:

Page of Staves and Perseverance Oracle

The Page of Staves (aka the Page of Wands) is a card of energy and excitement. It denotes courage and trying new paths forward in all areas of life. This fiery card is here to say that, indeed, challenges may come but you're already-ready-already to handle what's ahead. Tackle those bumps in the road with different perspectives and fresh ideas. Oh, and above all, follow your dreams/passions. This is a card of good news, often showing up from a phone or as spoken words. And it tells me you will have the needed inspiration to overcome all difficulties. Just don't throw up your hands when the doldrums or rough waters appear! Try to maintain your optimism (also a characteristic of the Rabbit!) and let your mind click through to find another way to move forward - perhaps even something outside the comfort zone for your usual.

Perseverance, the oracle card, reminds you that sometimes you feel stuck or like you're not making progress. Don't give up! Keep chasing your dreams! This card tells us that a win is just ahead for you, over the next hill.

General Advice for the Year of the Rabbit:

The Chariot (7) and Reinvent Yourself Oracle

Rounding out the reading, The Chariot card makes a feisty appearance. You're going to make progress with the things that matter to you. This card is about overcoming obstacles and driving onward. The power of its Major Arcana status really emphasizes that you must take action to win this year. Seriously, look at this card! The Chariot in this deck is being pulled by a dragon and blown by wind spirits. You will need to maintain your focus and avoid silly distractions to get the most out of the Rabbit year. Be confident in your abilities and put worries out of your head.

The Reinvent Yourself oracle card brings a fascinating twist! You are changing and the transformation will take all year. But mark the date and look back to this place when we arrive in 2024. (Seriously, give it a try!) See if your dedication and hard work have paid off, and if that steady focus earned you the rich rewards of the lucky Rabbit year!

Wishing you a Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Card decks used: The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guoliang

Fortune Cookie Oracle Cards by Sharina Star

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