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August 2022 Full Supermoon in Aquarius Journal Prompts

Tonight is the final full super moon of 2022 and it happens in forward-thinking Aquarius. A super moon is a full moon that is very close to the Earth, it is bright and bigger in the sky than usual full moons; from an astrology point of view, it is more powerful. To help you through this crossing, I offer the following journal prompts.

To help you through this crossing, I offer the following journal prompts....

1) Aquarius rules tech and progress. Before you upgrade anything electric or tech related, reflect in your journal the role the old and new gadgets or services play in your life. Do they help you meet goals, or keep you stuck? How is tech playing a role in your life?

2) How can you make the world a better place? Aquarius will lure you into community service. Explore in your journal what you can offer while honoring yourself?

3) Saturn will conjunct the moon this week. You might feel a little stifled and blocked, but find the edges... is it really your situation really a tight fit, or are you lacking clarity? If this resonates, use your journal to stretch out energetically, because soon, Saturn will give you a little more room. Better to be prepared and clear-minded on goals and intentions.

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