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August 2022 New Moon in Virgo Journal Prompts

Though the fall equinox isn't until Sept 22 this year, to me, autumn "begins" with the Virgo New Moon. The first leaves are dropping, the scent in the air changes, and I can feel the release of summer as we ease into fall. The Virgo New Moon is August 27, and doubtlessly, you too, feel the change in the air.

As we go into the straight-laced energy of Virgo season, I offer these journal prompts to guide you into fall:

1) There's no time better than Virgo to make a real plan. The energy supports planning and effectively making things happen. Start with an outline in your journal. What does a dream life look like? After all, ask any Virgo: a dream without a plan is just a wish....

2) Virgo supports your talents, skills and special gifts. Get into this and make a list in your journal. What amazing abilities do you bring into the world that make this a better place for all beings?

3) The most organized sign of the zodiac, Virgo is known for decluttering. In your journal, consider how you can declutter you mind and heart, not just your physical space (though that's al good Virgo activity, too!) And when you're done, reward yourself with some old-fashioned fall fun! Personally, I love crunching fall leaves under my boots during a walk!


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