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December 2022 Collective Reading: Cup Runneth Over

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Your cup runneth over in December. Opportunities for both professional and personal growth are popping up all over the place! Ask yourself: what do you really want in life? It looks like everything is possible right now, if you stay out of your own way.

Welcome to the Collective reading for December 2022. This is a general reading. If you want a personalized tea leaf reading for intuitive guidance, please reach out.

Hello, world. You’re showing up as bat and your wings are out. This is you, letting go of baggage and soaring into the new phase of life. There are lots of people around you, watching. Some have your back, others are disapproving, but keep at it! You do you!

There are 9 mushrooms and 2 triangles in the cup this month. Hot dang. That’s a LOT of new growth and positive fast change and they’re all over the cup. Look for both personal and professional opportunities. This month may prove to be a whirlwind. By the time 2023 arrives, I wonder if you’ll even recognizes yourself…

You may still be blocking relationships. This is showing up as a 1/2 square with a stubborn goat holding it in place. However, underneath, an eagle and a dog are trying to get through. I suspect you’ve been through so much crap, your trust in people is shot. But remember, all around us are other good folks and energies, and if you block everything, you block the good stuff, too.

This month, 3 tea shapes appear outside of the cup! (It’s rare to even have 1!) I did say the cup runneth over and I meant that literally. One is a crab (perhaps a person born under Cancer?), who is watching over you, a protector. The other two are long financial streams, so if you plant seeds now, you can expect great returns in the next few months on an investment, especially one you make in yourself.

Floating along in this cup are two boats. One is a person lending a hand in your career or education. Love that! The other, showing up closer to the New Year, a boat full of LOVE. Yup, new love of some kind (romance, family, pet, friendship) is making its way through the water and into your world. There was a phone near this boat, so you may connect via a text or call.

An angel is watching over your emotional sector. It’s not a Christmasy thing, this angel is YOUR guide. She’s directing your attention to someone from the past who may be a bit prickly (they look like a stegosaurus). But you’re not haunted by them. You just need to make peace and then, at least three new things open up! It’s all attached to a huge “U” so this message, it really for you! There’s an initial “S” that may resonate for some folks, as well.

Both a frog and a pig, traditional symbols of prosperity, are making themselves known the material side of this cup. A hand with an arrow is additionally point right at them. It’s all going to happen. Just stay out of your own way! There’s scatter around all these positive aspects… it’s like you just can’t believe things are going so well. Don’t doubt. Just take this good luck and run with it all the way into 2023!

At the back of the cup, a large cat with a “?” and a triangle. You may live your way into some questions about home and family as the month comes to a close. Once again, keep doing you and don’t let other people turn you sideways. Happy Everything and see you in 2023!

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