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February 2023 Collective Love Reading - Single and Looking

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

In honor of Valentine's Day, I offer up romance-specific readings for those who are single and looking OR already in a partnership (that's in this post!). Read on for a text version below or visit my YouTube channel to watch me deliver this reading personally. Wishing those who choose to celebrate a very festive Valentine's/Galentine's Day!

Please remember, this is a general collective reading and may not resonate with you. For a personalized reading, reach out to me via email ( or book directly here.

Single and Looking:

Current Situation:

Two of Wands inverted, with Black Sardonyx Crystal

You say you're single and looking... but are you really looking? Like honestly? The Two of Wands inverted means you really can't make up your mind. Are you spoiled for choice, like you have too many possible lovers? Or are you not even sure you want to invest your time and energy into a new relationship? Maybe you're content on your own. Maybe the Two of Wands is inverted because you just cannot stand the idea of another romantic let down. You've dealt with so many disappointments. Why bother with another?

You might be a bit stuck currently. As much as you'd enjoy sharing a Valentine with a new interest, the past has been unkind. Above all things, you sometimes might chew on getting back with your ex. I want to warn you though... are they really the "one who got away" or are you just at the edge of lonely and you're beautifying a crappy human? Sometimes it's better to be alone than to resurrect the past. Think of the Two of Wands as your red flag: it's bright, bold and warning you to make good choices for your future self.

Black Sardonyx brings you protection and strength in this moment of inner conflict. It offers up courage in difficult moments and helps you see clearly. Remember, above all, you are a person of good character and you deserve the same in return. Black Sardonyx reminds you to stay in a place of integrity, despite loneliness or indecision. Stand strong; this crystal will bring you back to your grounded core.

The Challenge:

Eight of Cups and The Empress (#3), with Strawberry Obsidian Crystal

Let's be real, the Eight of Cups is not the best card for a love reading. :(

In the Challenge position, this card can speak to extreme loneliness, despair, emotional withdrawal, and overwhelm. It tells me you might not believe there's anyone out there for you. The idea of "one more first date" is just too much and you're ready to give up. You'd rather get a cat or dog or bird as a companion, curl up on the sofa, and let years roll past.

You may have had some less-than-stellar relationships in the past. And there's nothing wrong, by the way, with animal companions~they love and accept fully, and can teach us a lot! The Eight of Cups specifically notes that you have been abandoned and/or betrayed by those you trusted. First, let me say that's it's for the best you are GONE from those crappy humans who abandoned or betrayed you. Good riddance to bad trash! Remember, not all people are selfish or toxic. It's okay to believe in love, it's actually all around you... Maybe your challenge is learning to trust again, one small, tiny, teensy step at a time.

Powerful as anything, The Empress shows up as a Challenge card also. This could literally mean you know you are too good for the nonsense you endured in the past. You've stepped up... but now the landscape is empty. You want someone to nurture a new life with, but no partner has risen to your level. (Yet.)

This card could be speaking to your wishes to start a family, and you feel like you're running out of time. You don't want to parent alone, but you can't find the right person to create your future family with and, tick-tock, you're not getting younger or more energetic.

The Empress can also mean that you will be involved in a pregnancy. It's the strongest indicator of pregnancy in the tarot. So if that's NOT what you're looking for, especially if you are not involved with the stable partner you wish for, take precautions.

Strawberry Obsidian shows up to help you see the changes you needs to make to get where you want in your life. It's also a stone about sexual passion and desire, so once again, another heads up about unwanted or wanted pregnancies!

This stone can help balance ungrounded energy and bring you more self worth and confidence. It is a lava stone in the Obsidian family and offers protection for the first chakra.

Outcome Considerations:

Ten of Pentacles inverted and Ten of Cups inverted, with Sodalite Crystal

Okay, so, you might not be quite ready to have your dream Valentine's Day this month, as things are still a bit upside down for you. It's okay though. You can grow through this period and move towards a better self that will attract a better partner.

The Ten of Pentacles inverted means that despite trying (or quitting dating entirely), you just don't feel stable. Your emotional foundation is still damaged from the past and healing is forthcoming, but not instant. No healing is sudden, unfortunately. That would be nice, but when you are feeling disconnected and neglected, it's time to withdraw and be kind to yourself. Try to avoid arguments, short of letting yourself be a doormat, and pull back to lick your wounds.

The Ten of Pentacles tells me you might not be ready to move onto the next person yet. If you can enjoy family, friends, pets, colleagues, hobbies, community, etc. they may provide healthier outlets while you grow and heal from the past. Maybe volunteering is another option, supporting others in your community. May I suggest treating yourself to a Valentine's dinner or flowers? Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated. That way you get accustomed to kindness and in the future, you won't accept BS from new lovers.

The Ten of Cups also came up inverted. You feel like your love has been spilled, spent, and you have little left to give. You're going through the motions, perhaps, but you're not very inspired. This is a moment to truly step back and let yourself heal. If you are suffering from abuse, depression, grief, or other serious situations, please seek professional help as best you can. Recovery is gradual and we all need help from others sometimes.

This card can point to unhealthy patterns in your life or belief systems as well. Until you confront those pieces of yourself, you might not find or settle into a new relationship. Again, seeking professional assistance may be in order, or at least journaling, or checking out some self-help books from the library/online.

The Sodalite wants to help reduce your stress. This crystal helps you confront and accept painful truths with logic and clarity (we're in Aquarius season, after all!). It opens the throat chakra, allowing you to speak openly and express your thoughts, needs, and creativity. Allow the Sodalite to join you on the path and enhance your self-worth and self-expression as you heal and grow. A very supportive stone for this aspect of the reading. If you are able, consider adding it to your collection!

Oracle Card:

The Seeker (#44)

Here is the reason for hope, the light in the end of the tunnel. When we seek, we want to improve aspects of our lives. Examine your own wins and lessons, the moments of a-ha Now is the time to start moving in a new direction, to change old patterns, to seek the next relationship. The Seeker pays attention to intuitive clues and accumulates knowledge. They view life as a great adventure with natural ups and downs.

Keywords: discovery, freedom, improvement, motivation

For those of you already involved in a partnership, there's a reading for you, too. Click through here to read more.

Tarot Deck: Tarot De Marseilles, vintage circa 1970

Oracle Deck: Oracle of the Roses by Cheralyn Darcey

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